Festival and Tradition idioms

Festival and Tradition idioms

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Ünnepekkel és hagyományokkal foglalkozó idiómák egy kis feladattal. 

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

meaning:used to talk about someone who is never the most important person in the situation
example:Poor Kate, her elder sister never gives her a chance to talk, not even at her own birthday party. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. – Szegény Kate, mindig másodhegedűs. A nővére sosem hagyja szóhoz jutni, még a saját szülinapján sem.

It’s your funeral.

meaning:your actions will have very bad consequences
magyarul:Akkor véged!
example:If you fail to meet the deadline, it’s your funeral. – Ha nem sikerül betartani a határidőt, véged!

to dance at someone’s wedding

meaning:to celebrate in honour of someone at their wedding
magyarul:táncolni valakinek az esküvőjén
example:“I hope I’ll have the chance to dance at your wedding.” “I would be really hurt if you didn’t make it!” – “Remélem, táncolhatok majd az esküvődön.” “Nagyon meg is bántódnék, ha nem tudnál eljönni!”

party pooper

meaning:someone who spoils other people’s enjoyment of social activities by not getting involved
example:C’mon, let’s have a party on Saturday! We’ll have plenty of time to clean up on Sunday. Don’t be a party pooper! – Tartsunk bulit szombaton! Vasárnap lesz elég időnk összetakarítani. Ne légy már ünneprontó!

knee-high by the 4th of July

meaning:grown as tall as it should
magyarul:szépen megnő
example:On his return from abroad, John was happy to see his kids were knee-high by the 4th of July. – Amikor hazajött külföldről, John örömmel látta, hogy a gyerekei szépen megnőttek.

jubilee year

meaning:a specially celebrated anniversary, especially a 50th anniversary
magyarul:jubileumi év (fontos évforduló)
example:The new school was built in the jubilee year. The Queen attended the opening ceremony. – Az új iskola a jubileum évében épült. A királynő jelen volt a megnyitón.

to wet the baby’s head

meaning:to have a drink to celebrate the birth of a baby
magyarul:tejfakasztót tartani
example:Mike invited all his mates to the pub to wet the baby’s head. – Mike minden barátját elhívta a pubba tejfakasztó bulira.

champagne taste on a beer budget

meaning:someone who lives above their means and likes things they cannot afford
magyarul:nagy lábon élni
example:No wonder Lora is in debt. She’s gone for champagne taste on a beer budget. – Nem csoda, hogy Lorának adóssága van. Nagy lábon akart élni.

to break with tradition

meaning:to do something different from what is usually done
magyarul:szakítani a hagyományokkal
example:Last year we decided to break with tradition and spent Christmas abroad. – Tavaly úgy döntöttünk, szakítunk a hagyományokkal, és külföldön Karácsonyoztunk.

carnival atmosphere

meaning:a relaxed, happy atmosphere, usually a bit disorganized
magyarul:laza hangulat
example:Surprisingly, the conference dinner had a carnival atmosphere, despite the presence of the Minister – Meglepő módon, a konferencián laza hangulatú volt a vacsora annak ellenére, hogy a miniszter is jelen volt.

in your birthday suit

example:I didn’t expected the guests to arrive so early and they rang just as I was on my way out of the shower in my birthday suit. – Nem számítottam arra, hogy ilyen korán érkeznek a vendégek, és pont akkor csengettek, amikor jöttem volna ki a zuhanyból ádámkosztümben.

birthday bash

meaning:an informal birthday party
magyarul:szülinapi buli
example:Last year I had a big birthday bash with my friends but this year I’d rather go on a trip instead. – Tavaly nagy szülinapi partit tartottam a barátaimmal, de idén inkább elutaznék.


Fill in the gaps with the words in the table.













1. Don’t invite Tom. He’s a party ……………….. .

2. I really enjoyed the ……………….. atmosphere of the team building workshop.

3. If you lose my phone again, it’s your ……………….. !

4. Sally was really shocked to find Mark in the kitchen in his birthday ……………….. .

5. You can’t always be the ……………….. and never the bride. Speak up for yourself!

6. Congratulations! We’ll meet up later to wet the ………………..’s head.

7. This is the time to break with ……………….. and set some new targets for our company.

8. “How are the new lambs doing?” “Great. Knee high by the 4th of ………………...”

9. I hope my best friend will fly over from Australia to dance at my ……………….. .

10. How much did Gina’s birthday ……………….. cost?

11. You’re overspending. You can’t get ……………….. taste on a beer budget!

12. What shall we get for Grandma and Grandpa for their golden ………………..?

answers: 1-pooper 2-carnival 3-funeral 4-suit 5-bridesmaid 6-wet 7-tradition 8-July 9-wedding 10-bash 11-champagne 12-jubilee

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