PHRASAL VERBS - Gossip and secret - TESZTTEL!

PHRASAL VERBS - Gossip and secret - TESZTTEL!

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Az alábbi összefoglalóból titkokkal és pletykákkal kapcsolatos kifejezéseket tanulhatsz meg. 


to air dirty linen/laundry

meaning:to reveal private matters that can be embarrassing
magyarul:kiteregeti a szennyest
example:You didn’t have to air our dirty linen to all our friends! – Nem kellett volna kiteregetned a szennyest az összes barátunk előtt!

to hear something onthe grapevine

meaning:to find out something by word of mouth
magyarul:szóbeszédből megtudni valamit
example:I heard on the grapevine that your sister is pregnant. – Azt beszélik, a nővéred terhes.

a telltale

meaning:a person who maliciously reveals private matters
magyarul:rosszindulatú pletykafészek
example:Your aunt is the worst telltale in town. Don’t trust her! – A nagynénéd a legrosszabb pletykafészek a városban. Ne bízz benne!

gossip column

meaning:section of a newspaper devoted to gossip about well-known people
example:I don’t buy any magazines now. They seem to have turned into gossip columns. – Nem veszek már magazinokat. Úgy tűnik, átalakultak pletykarovattá.

to bad-mouth someone

meaning:to speak critically and often disloyally of
magyarul:kibeszélni valakit
example:I don’t like people who bad-mouth their friends behind their backs. – Nem szeretem azokat, akik a hátuk mögött kibeszélik a barátaikat.

back-fence talk

meaning: rumour or gossip
magyarul:szóbeszéd vagy pletyka
example:Do you really believe all that back-fence talk about Kate and Josh? – Tényleg elhiszed azt a sok pletykát Kateről és Joshról?

What’s the buzz?

meaning:what’s the current gossip or information
magyarul:Mi a pletyi? Mi az ábra?
example:What’s the buzz? I’ve been out of town for a week, give me the news. – Mi a pletyi? Nem voltam itt egy hétig, mi történt?

to be the talk of the town

meaning:to have some serious gossip going round about someone
magyarul:az egész város róla beszél
example:John has been the talk of the town since someone accused him of bigamy. – Johnról beszél az egész város, mióta valaki bigámiával vádolta.

A little bird told me …

meaning:something that you say in order to let someone know that you are not going to tell them who gave you the information
magyarul:azt csipogják a madarak …
example:A little bird told me some people will be fired at the end of the year. – Azt csiripelik a madarak, hogy pár embert kirúgnak év végén.

There’s no smoke without fire.

meaning:if unpleasant things are said about someone, there is probably a good reason for it
magyarul:Nem zörög a haraszt, ha a szél nem fújja.
example:“I can’t believe that Ted was arrested for smuggling drugs.” “Well, we haven’t seen him in a while and there’s no smoke without fire.” – “Nem tudom elhinni, hogy Tedet kábítószer csempészetért tartóztatták le.” “Hát már jó ideje nem láttuk, és nem zörög a harszt, ha a szél nem fújja.”


meaning:an attempt to discredit one’s competitor or opponent by malicious or scandalous attacks
example:I’m fed up with politics. It’s all about mudslinging and nothing gets done. – Elegem van a politikából. Csak a sárdobálásról szól, és nem csinálnak semmit.

juicy/hot gossip

meaning:interesting gossip
magyarul:szaftos pletyka
example:Do you want to hear some juicy gossip? – Kíváncsi vagy egy kis szaftos pletykára?


Fill in the gaps with the appropriate words from the table.




to bad-mouth







1. Have you heard? Mia and Linda are not best friends anymore and Mia has aired their dirty .................... .

2. Stop .................... your parents. You’re lucky they pay for your education.

3. I’m not talking to Claire again. She’s a horrible .................... .

4. Minnie works for the gossip .................... of the local paper.

5. I always go to class reunions to pick up the latest .................... gossip.

6. I heard on the .................... that you’re planning to move to Canada.

7. I think Dan is having an affair with the boss. There’s no .................... without fire.

8. I’m so disappointed with the election campaign.  .................... has taken over the media.

9. What’s the .................... ? Is it true that Frank was so drunk he blacked out at his own wedding reception?

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