Birds in Speech – building your vocabulary with idioms


Szókincsfejlesztő feladatsor madaras kifejezésekkel.

Use the ‘bird’ idioms to complete the sentences.

a) free as a bird
b) a bird’s eye view
c) the early bird catches the worm
d) eat like a bird
e) for the birds
f) a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
g) a little bird told me
h) birds of a feather flock together
i) the bird has flown
j) kill two birds with one stone 

1) You don’t have to make so much food for her. She will ………. , as always.
2) How do I know about your surprise party? Well,  ………., that’s how.
3) Since she moved into her own apartment she has been as
………. .
4) We can make dinner while we are cleaning up in the kitchen tonight, so we’ll………. .
5) Paris is breathtaking from ………. on top of the Eiffel Tower.
6) No use looking for her at the party any longer. I think
………. .
7) Maybe that wasn’t the best offer but I took because………. .
8)It’s only 6 am and you’re already working? As they say, ………. .
9) Mary married a guy who’s even more energetic than she is. I’m not surprised,………. .
10) The picnic we planned in the park for today is………. .
It’s been raining since morning.

Answers: 1) d, 2) g, 3) a, 4) j, 5) b, 6) i, 7) f, 8) c, 9) h, 10) e

free as a bird – living without any restrictions
a bird’s eye view – from high above
the early bird catches the worm  –  if you rise early, you can get more work done and succeed
eat like a bird – eating small portions
for the birds – worthless, undesirable
a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush – better to have what is sure even if less than something uncertain but maybe more in the future
a little bird told me – you don’t want to reveal your source of information
birds of a feather flock together – similar people tend to find each other’s company
the bird has flown – someone you’re looking for has disappeared or escaped
kill two birds with one stone – get two things done at the same time

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