Find where the animals belong. Fun vocabulary building with ‘animal idioms’

Mókás feladat a mindennapi állatos idiómák és kifejezések gyakorlására.

Choose the right animal to fill in the gaps! 

1) Why don’t you tell me your name? Has the ………. got your tongue?
2) He keeps bumping into things because he’s blind as a ………. .
3) She never seems to have any time, she’s always as busy as a ………. .
4) I have no idea what she’s up to nowadays. I haven’t heard from her in ……….’s years.
5) Tim is coming to dinner so one fried chicken won’t be enough. He eats like a ………. .
6) I was late for work so I had to ………. down my breakfast and now I have a stomach ache.
7) Just don’t tell Sam about the trick you played because he will ………. on you.
8) My brother likes to ………. away all of his pocket money and he never spends any of it.
9) I don’t know how he doesn’t but he never gets into trouble. He can ………. out of anything.
10) You shouldn’t try arguing with her. She’s as stubborn as a ………. .

a) squirrel (mókus)
b) rat (patkány)
c) cat (macska)
d) horse (ló)
e) bat (denevér)
f) donkey (szamár)
g) weasel (menyét)
h) beaver (hód)
i) wolf (farkas)
j) mule (öszvér)

Answers: 1) c, 2) e, 3) h, 4) f, 5) d, 6) i, 7) b, 8) a, 9) g, 10) j


Has the cat got your tongue? – Elvitte a cica a nyelvedet? / Megnémultál?
Blind as a bat. – Vak, mint egy denevér. (Vak, mint egy báynaló.)
As busy as a beaver. – Szorgalmas, mint egy hangya. (beaver – hód)
In donkey’s years. – Ezer éve.
To eat like a horse. – Zabál, mint a ló.
To wolf down. – Behabzsolni valamit.
To rat on somebody. – Árulkodni valakire.
To squirrel away something. – Elraktározni valamit.
To weasel out of something. – Kibújni valami alól.
As stubborn as a mule. – Konok, mint egy öszvér.
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