How well do you know your phrasal verbs?

Fehér Sára | 2013. 03. 31.

Phrasal Verbs-ből sosem elég:)

Match the phrasal verbs with a verb that means the same!

1) to put out                                                  
2) to look up to
3) to put off
4) to blow up
5) to hand in
6) to make up
7) to bring up
8) to look forward to
9) to look for
10 to look after

a) to explode
b) to invent
c) to submit
d) to care for
e) to extinguish
f) to admire
g) to postpone
h) to search for
i) to mention
j) to anticipate

Answers: 1) e, 2) f, 3) g, 4) a, 5) c, 6) b, 7) i, 8) j, 9) h, 10) d

Now match the phrasal verbs with the most appropriate object!

a) a topic
b) an application
c) a meeting
d) great holiday
e) a bomb
f) a story
g) a wise man
h) something lost
i) children
j) a fire

Answers: 1) j, 2) g, 3) c, 4) e, 5) b, 6) f, 7) a, 8) d, 9) h, 10) i

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