Air idioms

Air Idioms

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Ebben a leckében “levegős” idiómákkal fogunk foglalkozni: 12 kifejezést tanulunk meg jelentéssel és magyar példamondatokkal. 

a breath of fresh air
meaning: something that is pleasantly new, different, and refreshing
magyarul: kellemes, frissítő változatosság
example: The beautiful new paint color was a breath of fresh air for the room. – A gyönyörű új színű festés kellemes változatosságot hozott a szobába.

to air (one's) dirty laundry in public
meaning: to discuss very private, personal matters, especially those which may be embarrassing, in public or with other people
magyarul: kiteregetni a szennyest
example: I just wish he wouldn't air the dirty laundry of his family. It makes me uncomfortable. – Bárcsak ne teregetné ki a családi szennyest. Kellemetlenül érzem magam tőle.

to air kiss
meaning: a kiss that is placed without making contact
magyarul: légpuszit adni, csókot fújni
example: There was a mass of air kisses when the cruise liner left the port. – Sokan fújtak csókot, amikor a tengerjáró elhagyta a kikötőt.

air of pretension
meaning: a manner, affectation, appearance, or behavior indicative of pretension or self-importance
magyarul: mesterkéltség, megjátszás
example: Even though she is an extremely popular writer, she has no air of pretension about her whatsoever. – Noha elképesztően sikeres írónő, egyáltalán nem: nem játssza meg magát.

meaning: a frivolous, dim-witted, useless, and unintelligent person
magyarul: sekélyes, ostoba ember
example: Julie is such an airhead, I can't believe we have to do this assignment together. –Julie olyan üresfejű, nem hiszem el, hogy együtt kell ezt a feladatot megoldanunk.

castle in the air
meaning: a hope or wish, especially for one's life, that is unlikely to come true
magyarul: légvár
example: I really want to move to India for a few years, but I realize that it's just a castle in the air. – Igazán szeretnék Indiába költözni pár évre, de tudom, hogy ez csak légvár.

to clear the air
meaning: to get rid of doubts or hard feelings
magyarul: tiszta lappal indítani, tiszta helyzetet teremteni
example: All right, let's discuss this frankly. It'll be better if we clear the air. –Rendben, vitassuk ezt meg őszintén. Jobb lesz, ha tiszta lappal indítunk.

to disappear into thin air
meaning: to suddenly become impossible to see or find
magyarul: nyom nélkül eltűnik, szőrén-szálán eltűnik
example: Police say the suspect seems to have disappeared into thin air. – A rendőrség szerint a gyanúsított nyom nélkül eltűnt.

to walk on air
meaning: to be very happy; to be euphoric
magyarul: nem tud hova lenni örömében, nagyon örül
example: Annabel was walking on air when she got the job. – Annabel nem tudott hova lenni örömében, amikor megkapta a munkát.

up in the air (about someone or something)
meaning: undecided, uncertain about someone or something
magyarul: valami függőben van
example: Let's leave this question up in the air until next week. – Jövő hétig hagyjuk ezt a kérdést függőben.

one's nose is in the air
meaning: one is acting conceited or aloof
magyarul: fenn hordja az orrát
example: Kylie's nose is always in the air since she got into that exclusive club. – Kylie fenn hordja az orrát, mióta bekerült abba az exkluzív klubba.

a nip in the air
meaning: the air is cold
magyarul: hűvös az idő, lehűlt a levegő
example: There's quite a nip in the air. I think you'll need your jacket on. – Egészen lehűlt a levegő. Szerintem vegyél majd dzsekit.

I. Fill in the gaps with the words in the table.

dirty laundry

air kiss

air of pretension

clear the air

into thin air

nose is in the air

1. Where is James? He seems to have disappeared …..........!

2. Myra is so vain and her …..........., although she doesn't have any special skills.

3. Professor Smith is very intelligent, but there is an …............ around him.

4. Let's …........... If everyone is honest, it will be a lot easier to solve our problems.

5. I don't like airing our …..........., so it was difficult for me to talk to a therapist, but it was worth.

6. The actor sent an awkward …........... to the crowd.

II. Match each idiom to its definition.




to be very happy


castle in the air


undecided, uncertain


to walk on air


a frivolous and unintelligent person


up in the air about


cold, crisp weather


a nip in the air


pleasantly new, different and refreshing


a breath of fresh air


a hope unlikely to come true


I. 1-into thin air, 2-nose is in the air, 3-air of pretension, 4-clear the air, 5-dirty laundry, 6-air kiss
II. 1-c, 2-f, 3-a, 4-b, 5-d, 6-e

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