Black, white or green? - Idioms test

Black, white or green? - Idioms test

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Nézzük, mit tanultunk eddig a fehér-fekete-zöld idiómákról ezzel a kis feladatsorral!

Fill in the gaps with the right colour.

1. He is very good at gardening. Everyone says he has …. fingers.

2. I have always wanted to be a ….-collar worker and work in an office but I work in a park now. I am a gardener.

3. He was always the …. sheep in the family when he was a child . Nobody could say any good about him.

4. The night was pitch …. . I had to use a torch to find my way home.

5. John was …. with envy when he saw my gorgeous new motorcycle.

6. I would like to change my place of work. I can’t bear the …. noise coming from the machines.

7. My boss was invited to a …. tie event. He had to rent a tuxedo.

8. Don’t let the ….-eyed monster ruin your marriage. Love will find a way.

9. Andrew is always in a …. mood on weekdays. Nobody can cheer him up.

10. Their company is always in the …. . They are very successful at business.

11. I had to lie to my mum. It was only a …. lie but I regret it anyway.

12. I don’t suppose I will fly again. My last flight was a ….-knuckle ride I was terrified all the way home.

13. The teacher was …. with rage when he realized nobody had done the homework again.

14. Once he was a very rich man but his ex-wife bled him … when they got divorced.

15.  Luke had always wanted to live and work in the USA. Last year he got the …. card at last.



1. green

2. white

3. black

4. black

5. green

6. white

7. black

8. green

9. black

10. black

11. white

12. white

13. white

14. white

15. green


he has green fingers

aranykeze van/nagyon ért a kertészkedéshez

white-collar worker

értelmiségi, szellemi dolgozó

the black sheep

fekete bárány

pitch black


green with envy

sárgul az irigységtől

white noise

„fehér” zaj, monoton háttérzaj

black tie


green-eyed monster

féltékenység, „zöldszemű” szörny

black mood

rossz/sötét hangulat

in the black


white lie

ártatlan hazugság

white-knuckle ride

veszélyes, rémisztő utazás

white with rage

nagyon dühös

bleed somebody white

teljesen kiszipolyozni valakit

green card

zöldkártya, hivatalos tartózkodási engedély

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