Communication Idioms - Kommunikációval kapcsolatos idiómák

Communication Idioms - Kommunikációval kapcsolatos idiómák

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Nézzünk meg néhány kommunikációval kapcsolatos idiómát - természetesen magyar jelentéssel és feladattal!

Communication Idioms

small talk

to politely chat with somebody about unimportant things

udvarias csevegés

a slip of the tongue

to accidentally say something else


to be lost for words

when you can’t say anything or react in a situation

nem találni a szavakat


when you say things like this you are not prepared and you haven’t thought about it before

egyből, kapásból

in the same breath

to say two completely different things

egy levegővétellel két ellentétes dolgot mondani

a pack of lies

things that are completely untrue

csupa hazugság

to speak your mind

say your opinion clearly

őszintén beszélni

loud and clear

expressing yourself clearly and definitely

tisztán és érthetően

word for word

the exact words of someone

szó szerint


not showing feelings


won’t take no for an answer

when somebody refuses to accept a negative answer

nem fogadni el nemleges választ

to miss the point

to misunderstand something

félreérteni valamit

Complete the sentences with one of the idioms from the table above.

1.    You shouldn’t be afraid to __________ , everyone here is interested in your opinion.

2.    I know it was just an _________ remark but he really hurt my feelings.

3.    She really paid attention at school. She repeated what the teacher had said _________.

4.    The other day at class I said ‘clown’ instead of ‘frown’. Though it was just _____________,  the whole class was rolling with laughter.

5.    My god, your voice is so _________, I’m sensing you have some bad news for me.

6.    Yes, I heard you _________. The whole street did.

7.    You are totally _________ here. I didn’t say that you’re absolutely wrong, I said we should discuss it.

8.    She was ______________ when he proposed to her.

9.    I hate those parties where I have to make __________ with total strangers.

10.He said ‘no’ then ‘yes’ __________. He was totally confused.

11.My grandmother usually asks if I’m free on Sunday until I say I am. She just _________.

12.I knew by the way he looked at me that all he said was  ________.


1.    speak your mind

2.    off-the-cuff

3.    word for word

4.    a slip of the tongue

5.    matter-of-fact

6.    loud and clear

7.    missing the point

8.    lost for words

9.    small talk

10.  in the same breath

11.  won’t take no for an answer

12.  a pack of lies

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