Idioms with ’Heart’


Szíves idiómák és egy kis feladat.

Idioms with ’Heart’

to open sb’s heart

It was very touching how he opened his heart to me.

kitárni a szíved

to pour sb’s heart out

It felt so good to finally pour my heart out to somebody.

kiönteni a szíved

your heart misses a beat

When I saw my ex-husband with his new beautiful girlfriend, my heart missed a beat.

amikor kihagy egy ütemet a szíved

sb’s heart is in the right place

I’ve always known that his heart is in the right place, even before he set up his own charity foundation.

helyén van a szíve

to have a change of heart

It was the most unexpected thing from him to have a change of heart.

meggondolni magad

to break sb’s heart

You broke your son’s heart when you didn’t show up at his school performance.

összetörni valakinek a szívét

your heart sinks

Everyone’s heart sankwhen they saw the commercial about the orphan puppies.

megszakad a szíve

sb after your own heart

It was a relief when it turned out that my new colleague is really after my own heart.

magamfajta, kedvelni valakit, mert hasonlít rád

to have a heart-to-heart

It’s time you had a heart-to-heart with your daughter about these issues.

egy komoly beszélgetést folytatni

to take sg to heart

I really took it to heart when he told me that my job was useless.

szívedre venni valamit

to lose heart

After his grades started to go wrong, he really lost heart at school.


to learn sg by heart

Kids usually hate learning things by heart.

kívülről megtanulni valamit

Find the definitions of the following idioms.

to learn sg by heart, to lose heart, to take sg to heart, to have a heart-to-heart, sb after your own heart, your heart sinks, to break sb’s heart, to have a change of heart, sb’s heart is in the right place, your heart misses a beat, to pour sb’s heart out, to open sb’s heart

1.    to change your opinion about something

2.    to be hurt by a comment or criticism

3.    to learn something word by word

4.    to share your deepest feelings

5.    when you feel very excited or frightened and your heart starts to beat faster

6.    to have a serious and honest conversation about something

7.    to stop believing in something

8.    to feel very sad because of something

9.    someone is good even if that person sometimes behaves in a rude way

10.  when you like sb because you have a lot in common

11.  to share your problems and secrets with sb

12.  to make sb very sad


1.    to have a change of heart

2.    to take something to heart

3.    to learn sg by heart

4.    to open sb’s heart

5.    your heart misses a beat

6.    to have a heart-to-heart

7.    to lose heart

8.    your heart sinks

9.    sb’s heart is in the right place

10.  sb after your own heart

11.  to pour your heart out

12.  to break sb’s heart

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