Phrasal Verbs with ’Get’

Phrasal Verbs with ’Get’

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Nézzünk meg egy feladatsort a GET igével és vonzataival. 

Phrasal Verbs with ’Get’

get away with

megúszni valamit

It’s quite hard to believe that he got away with bribing a police officer.

get behind


I hate it when I get behind my work.

get through

végigcsinál valamit, túljut valamin

Once I get through this horrible exam period, we’ll party hard.

get on

haladni valamivel

You should get on with your homework instead of chatting with your friends.

get on


I have no idea how we’ll get on here after she leaves.

get down


I really get down in this rainy weather.

get by

anyagilag boldogulni

After my husband lost his job it was really hard for us to get by.

get over

túljutni valamin, felépülni

It was the hardest thing in my life to get over this breakup.

get out of

kibújni valami alól

He is possibly the worst colleague you can have. He always gets out of responsibility. 

get round sy

levesz valakit a lábáról, meglágyítja a szívét

If you can get round your father, you can go to the party.

get up to

valami rosszban sántikálni

I can see on his face that he is getting up to something

get down to

elkezdeni valamit

It’s time we got down to business.

Find the definitions of the following expressions.

get down to, get up to, get round sy, get on, get out of, get over, get by, get down, get through, get behind, get away with

1.    not being able to do something by a certain time

2.    to be depressed

3.    begin to do something serious

4.    come to a successful end

5.    do something wrong without getting caught or suffering the consequences

6.    to be about to do something bad

7.    to persuade somebody to do something by using your charm

8.    to recover from something

9.    avoid doing what you should do

10.  to manage financially

11.  to go on with something or develop


1.    get behind

2.    get down

3.    get down to

4.    get through

5.    get away with

6.    get up  to

7.    get round sy

8.    get out of

9.    get by

10.  get on

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