Phrasal Verbs With Not Doing Things


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Phrasal Verbs With Not Doing Things

Complete the sentences with the following particles.

out, off, up, from, away

1.    It was a horrible day. I just want to blot ______ the memory of it.

2.    You can’t back ______ in the last minute. They’re expecting us.

3.    The match was called ________ due to the bad weather.

4.    Come on! Don’t chicken _______. Go there and ask her out!

5.    His mom was heartbroken when he dropped ________ of school.

6.    I’m fed up with him. He always ducks ________ of every programme that I organise.

7.    I couldn’t believe it! When I tried to complain, he just fobbed me _______ with a lame excuse.

8.    Don’t even hope to get ______ of the meeting.

9.    He feels like he misses ______ on so many important events in his son’s life.

10.  Despite being confident, she shies  ______ from telling her boss her opinion.

11.  She was so pissed off. That guy from her office stood her _____ again.

12.  You can’t just walk _____ from the problems. You have to face them.



1.    out

2.    out

3.    off

4.    out

5.    out

6.    out

7.    off

8.    out

9.    out

10.  away

11.  up

12.  away


Connect the phrasal verbs with their definitions.


1.    back out

2.    blot sg out

3.    call sg off

4.    chicken out

5.    drop out

6.    duck out of

7.    fob sy off

8.    get out of

9.    miss out on

10.shy away from

11.stand sy up

12.walk away from



a)    to erase something

b)    to ditch sy (lerázni)

c)    to postpone sg

d)    to stop being involved in a situation because it’s too difficult

e)    to decide not to do sg because you’re scared

f)     intentionally not meeting sy although you’ve promised

g)    to avoid doing sg that you don’t want to by giving an excuse

h)   to fail to use an opportunity

i)     to stop doing sg before you have finished it

j)      to decide not to do sg that you promised to do

k)    to avoid doing sg

l)     not feeling confident to do sg


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1.    j

2.    a

3.    c

4.    e

5.    i

6.    k

7.    b

8.    g

9.    h

10.  l

11.  f

12.  d



to back out


to blot sg out


to call sg off

elhalasztani valamit

to chicken out

kihátrálni, meghátrálni

to drop out

kimaradni, lemorzsolódni, kiesni

to duck out of


to fob sy off

lerázni valakit

to get out of

kihúzni magát valamiből

to miss out on

lemaradni valamiről

to shy away from

visszariadni valamitől

to stand sy up

felültetni valakit

to walk away from

kisétálni egy rossz helyzetből

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