’Roads’ Idioms


Nézzünk egy csokorra való idiómát és egy kis feladatot a "road" szóval. 

’Roads’ Idioms

our paths cross

I hope our paths cross in the future.

útjaink keresztezik egymást (találkozni)

stuck in a rut

I hate this meaningless job. I feel that I’m stuck in a rut.

(rut: keréknyom, kitaposott út) egy unalmas, vagy rossz szituációban ragadni reménytelenül

drive me round the bend

The students drove her round the bend. They never paid attention and never did their homework.

dühíteni valakit

right up your street

This film is right up your street. It’s about a young couple who go on honeymoon to Jamaica.

valaki érdeklődésébe vág


His latest book is quite middle-of-the-road. Even my grandma liked it.

nem extrém, középszerű, átlagos, mindenki számára emészthető

on the right / wrong track

His son is really on the wrong track now. He’s going to drop out of school if he goes on like this.

rossz úton járni, vagy jó


an uphill battle

I’m potty-training (szobatisztaságra szoktatás) my son. It’s really an uphill battle.

nehéz feladat

go downhill

This used to be my favourite restaurant but they have been going downhill for a couple of months.

valaminek/valakine romlik a minősége, vagy teljesítménye

off the beaten track

When we go on holiday, I prefer off the beaten track destinations.

valamilyen elhagyatott hely, távol a letaposott ösvénytől

at a crossroads

We are at a crossroads now. Our son is going to school next year and it’s a very important decision to choose the right school.

nehéz és fontos döntés előtt állni

a dead end

This relationship is a dead end. They’re fighting all the time and they’re so unhappy.

nincs jövője

to go from A to B

It’s better to use the public transportation to go from A to B.

eljutni á-ból b-be

put sg on the map

His manager said that it was him who put him on the map.

híressé tenni valakit vagy valamit

hit the road

Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more.

elindulni, elmenni

road rage

Road rageis unfortunately a very common phenomenon nowadays.

erőszakos viselkedés az úton, közlekedési szituációk okozzák

Find the definitions of the expressions.

our paths cross, stuck in a rut, drive me round the bend, right up your street, middle-of-the-road, on the right track, an uphill battle, go downhill, off the beaten track, at a crossroads, a dead end, to go from A to B, put sg on the map, hit the road, road rage

1.    a very difficult task

2.    a place that hasn’t been discovered by tourists, it’s isolated

3.    something that interests you

4.    to meet again in the future

5.    making somebody very angry and frustrated

6.    not extreme, acceptable and liked by most people

7.    leave, start a journey

8.    something that was good before but now is getting worse and worse

9.    violent behaviour on the streets caused by stressful traffic situations

10.  the state before making an important decision

11.  to be in a boring or negative situation and there’s no hope of getting out

12.  thinking or acting on the right way

13.  getting from one place to another

14.  something that has no future or prospect

15.  make someone or something famous



1.    an uphill battle

2.    off the beaten track

3.    right up your street

4.    our paths cross

5.    drive me round the bend

6.    middle-of-the-road

7.    hit the road

8.    go downhill

9.    road rage

10.  at a crossroads

11.  stuck in a rut

12.  on the right track

13.  to go from A to B

14.  a dead end

15.  put sg on the map

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