5 Perc Angol – recept – How To Make Easy Vanilla Ice Cream

Itt a meleg, és, hogy mindig legyen fagyi, hoztam is nektek egy egyszerű vanília fagyi receptet. Természetesen angolul, szószedettel.

Step 1: You will need

* 100 g caster sugar
* 4 egg yolks
* 300 ml milk
* 300 ml double cream
* 2 vanilla pods
* 1 ice cream maker
* 1 heavy based pan
* 1 whisk
* 1 chopping board
* 1 knife
* 1 large bowl
* 1 Tupperware for storing

Step 2: Heat the milk
Place the pan on a medium heat, add the milk and bring it to just under boiling point. Do not allow to over heat or it will spoil the sauce later on.

Step 3: Whisk sugar and eggs

Place a damp towel on your work surface and put the bowl on top. Add the sugar and egg yolks and whisk together until thoroughly combined.

Step 4: Add milk and transfer to pan
When the milk has heated up pour it, little by little into the bowl of eggs and sugar, whisking all the time and transfer back to the pan.

Step 5: Heat and transfer
Place the pan back onto a medium heat and while continuously stirring, gently allow it to thicken, which should take about 3-5 minutes. Once thickened pour it back into the large bowl and set aside to cool down.

Step 6: Combine vanilla and cream
Place both vanilla pods onto the chopping board and slice one lengthways. Split the pod open, scrape out the pulp onto the tip of your knife and transfer it to the bowl of cream.
Repeat exactly the same process with the other pod.
Next pour the cream and pulp into a large bowl and whisk to combine.

Step 7: Make the ice cream
Pour the mix into the ice cream maker and switch on the machine. Churn for roughly 20 minutes

Step 8: Freeze
After churning transfer the ice cream into some Tupperware. Place it the freezer until it sets.

Step 9: Serve
Scoop some ice-cream into a serving bowl, garnish with a hint of greenery and serve.

with the permission of Videojug


caster sugar – porcukor
yolks – tojássárgája
bowl – edény
tupperware – Tupperware eszköz
damp towel – nedves törlőrongy
to whisk – habosra ver
thick – sűrű
lengthways – hosszában
pulp – pép, apró őrlemény
to pulp – péppé zúz, apróra őröl
to churn – habosra felkavar
roughly – durván
greenery – zöldes

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