10 kérdéses igés szinonima teszt - mennyire ismered a rokon értelmű szavakat?

Verbs and their synonyms - exercise 1.

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Ezzel a rövid feladattal ismét szinonimákat gyakorolhatunk, ezúttal igékkel kapcsolatban. 

1) I am glad you came today.
a) satisfied
b) content
c) happy

2) I was afraid of spiders for a long time.
a) scared
b) disgusted
c) irritated

3) He got a letter today.
a) received
b) had
c) accepted

4) He hasn’t answered my question yet.
a) reacted
b) replied to
c) responded

5) Did he keep it hidden all this time?
a) covered
b) secret
c) veiled

6) It was very close so we walked there.
a) immediate
b) near
c) next to

7) I noticed him first because he was wearing a huge hat.
a) looked at
b) spotted
c) watched

8) I told her not to come into my room.
a) enter
b) approach
c) walk to

9) That mother always shouts at her children.
a) shrieks
b) yells
c) roars

10) Please bring me my slippers.
a) carry
b) give
c) fetch


Answers: 1)c, 2)a, 3)a, 4)b, 5)b, 6)b, 7)b, 8)a, 9)b, 10)c

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