At the dentist - Fogorvosnál

At the dentist - Fogorvosnál

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Ebb?l a leckéb?l megtanulhatod, hogy mit kell mondani, hogy ha véletlenül fogorvoshoz kellene menned külföldön. Ehhez egy párbeszédet és egy képes szótárt készítettem. A leckében még meghallgathatod a Rémeségek Kicsiny Boltjából az ?rült fogorvos dalát is!



At the dentist’s

Doctor Douglas: Good morning Miss King!

Miss King: Good morning Doctor Douglas!

Doctor Douglas: What can I do for you?

Miss King: I have a terrible toothache.

Doctor Douglas: Ok. Let me see! Open your mouth, please.

Miss King: All right. Excuse me, I am so frightened. I’m afraid of dentists.

Doctor Douglas: You don’t have to be afraid Miss King! Open your
mouth, please.

tooth teeth toothpaste toothbrush
fog fogak fogkrém fogkefe

When I was young and just a bad little kid.
My mama noticed funny things I did.
Like shooting puppies with a bebe gun.
I'd poison guppies, and when I was done,
I'd find a pussycat and bash in it's head,
That’s when my mama said

(Backup Singers) What did she say?

She said, my boy I think some day,
will find a way,
To make your natural tendencies pay.

You'll be a dentist. (You'll be a dentist)
You have a talent for causing great pain.
Son be a dentist. (Son Be a dentist)
People will pay you to be inhumane. (Inhumane)
Your temperaments wrong for the priesthood.

Son be a dentist, you'll be a success.

(Backup Singer)
Here it is folks, the leader of the plaque,
Watch him suck up that gas, oh my god.
He’s a dentist and hell never ever be any good.

(patient)Oh that hurts! Wait I’m not numb.

Ah shut up, open wide, here I come.

I am your dentist,
and I enjoy the career that I picked. (Love it)
I'm your dentist, and I get off on the pain I exert. (Really Love it)
I thrill when I drill a bicuspid,(Bicuspid)
and swell when they tell me I'm mal-adjusted.(dentist)
And though it may cause my patients to stress.(To Stress)
Somewhere, somewhere in heaven above me, I know, I know that my mamas proud of me.
(Spoken)"Oh mama"
Cause I'm a dentist, and a success.


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