At the hairdresser's - Fodrásznál - AUDIO

At the hairdresser’s - Fodrásznál - AUDIO

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Hairdresser: Good morning, Madam! What can I do for you today?
Ms Cooper: My hair is quite thick. I was wondering to have it curled.
Hairdresser: It sounds good. Would you like me to dye your hair, too?
Ms Cooper: Actually, I would like to keep my natural colour, yet I would like some blond stripes to highlight my hairdo.
Hairdresser: As I see, you have dandruffs.
Ms Cooper: Yes, and I've had a severe hairloss for months, now. Can you recommend something?
Hairdresser: We have a special shampoo that can help you get rid off dandruffs and itchy skin.
Ms Cooper: And do you have anything to stop and prevent further hairloss?
Hairdresser: Yes, I can give you a special lotion for that. Would you like a haircut, too?
Ms Cooper: Yes, but just a little off the bottom.
Hairdresser: All right, then follow me, please so that I can shampoo your hair, first.

to curl one’s hair - begöndöríti a haját
It sounds good - Jól hangzik.
to dye one’s hair - befesti a haját
blond stripes - szőke melírcsíkok
hairdo - frizura
dandruff - korpa (hajon)
hairloss - hajhullás
itchy - viszkedős

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