Food Idioms - Ételekkel kapcsolatos idiómák

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Ebben a fejezetben ételekkel kapcsolatos kifejezéseket és idiómákat fogunk tanulni.








as busy as popcorn on a skillet

as flat as pancake

as nutty as a fruitcake

as sweet as honey

pattog, mint a kukorica, be van sózva

lapos, mint a palacsinta

dilis, hibbant

édes, mint a méz

very active

very flat

silly, crazy

very sweet

Bob and Mary were busy as popcorn on a skillet when their mother entered their room.

The tire on my bike was as flat as a pancake after the accident.

My uncle is as nutty as a fruitcake, he can’t stop doing crazy things.

Little Susy is as sweet as honey, everybody adores her.







as warm as toast

as cool as cucumber

a cream puff (person)

full of beans

meleg, barátságos, otthonos

nyugodt, nem húzza fel magát

gyenge, nyámnyila alak

eleven, elemében van, izgága

very warm and cosy

to be calm, not to be nervous about anything

a person who is easily beaten or influenced

to feel energetic, in high spirits

I hate winter but our home is as warm as toast, so I prefer staying at home and having a nice cup of tea in the evenings.

He is a cool as cucumber. He never gets worried about anything.

Poor little Tony is just like a cream puff. He is always the victim of his mates insults.

Our teacher is full of beans today and doesn’t want to stop talking about her childhood!

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