My blackberry is not working!

My blackberry is not working!

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Hihetetlenül vicces jelenet a a BBC The One Ronnie show-jából!

- I bought something from you last week, and I'm very disappointed.
- Oh yeah? What's the problem?
- Yeah, well, my blackberry is not working.
- What's the matter, has it run out of juice?
- No, no, it's completely frozen!
- Oh, yeah, I can see that. I tell you what: let's try it on orange.
- That's got a few black spots, you see...
- Oh, dear, yes. Sorry about that.
- Well, is there anything I can do to get my blackberry working?
- Well, could be an application issue. Where'd you store that Blackberry?
- Well, it was on my desktop.
- Well, you could try using a mouse to drag the blackberry to the trash. Then after you've done that, you might wanna launch the blackberry from the desktop.
- Well, I've already tried that a few times. I mean, all it did was mess up windows.
- Well, it might be worth waiting a couple of weeks. They've got the latest blackberries coming in then.
- Well, could you give me a date?
- Certainly.
- Let me put that date in my diary.
- Anything else I can help you with?
- Yes, yes. I've also got a problem, to be honest, with my apple.
- Oh, dear, oh, dear. That is an old apple, isn't it?
- Yeah.
- When'd you buy that?
- Last week.
- Last week? They've brought out two new apples since then! What's the problem with it?
- Well, I tried to put my dongle in it...and it won't fit.
- Oh, yeah. And how big's your dongle?
- Well, I don't know much about these things, but my wife's seen a few dongles in her time...and she says a little bit on the small side.
- Well, I'm afraid there's not a lot I can do about that. Tell you what: let me try booting it. Now it's crashed. Anything else I can help you with?
- Well, funnily enough, yes. My grandson's birthday's soon.
- Oh, yeah.
- Now, he's already got an apple and a blackberry. I mean, have you got anything else that he might just like?
- Well, we're doing a special offer on these. I mean, I can't make head or tail of them, but the kids seem to like them.
- Oh yeah?
Eggs box, £3.60.


disappointed - csalódott
blackberry - feketeszeder, itt: Blackberry okostelefon
frozen - meg van fagyva, itt: lefagyott
application - alkalmazás
issue - probléma
to store - tárol
desktop - íróasztal, számítógép: desktop, asztal (számítógépen)
to drag - húz
trash - szemét, itt: lomtár (számítógépen)
to launch - kidob, hajít,  itt: elindít (egy programot számítógépen)
to mess up - összekoszol, rendetlenséget csinál, itt: összezavar
date - dátum, datolya (itt: datolya)
to bring out - kihoz, előhoz
dongle  - Olyan speciális eszköz, amelynek feladata a számítógépen futó alkalmazások működésének korlátozása másolásvédelmi vagy licencelési célokból, itt: férfi nemiszerv vicces, szleng elnevezése
to boot - “bootol’-ni, betölteni a rendszert
can’t make head or tail - fogalma sincs valamiről, nem ért valamit
eggs box - tojástartó doboz (itt: XBox 360)

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