A Titanic ismét kihajózik - csak ezúttal több mentőcsónakkal. Szószedettel és audióval.

The Titanic sails again: Australian tycoon unveils plans for perfect replica of doomed vessel

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A Titanic ismét kihajózik - csak ezúttal több mentőcsónakkal. Rövid olvasmány szószedettel, hanganyaggal, inforgrafikával és videóval.

The sequel to the doomed liner that sank 100 years ago was announced on Tuesday - after its designer claimed it would be the safest cruise ship in the world. He said that it had more than enough lifeboats and that the hull was stronger than the wooden original because it was made from steel composite. Despite his confidence the mastermind behind the project, brash Australian mining billionaire Clive Palmer, refused say it was 'unsinkable'. He said: 'I think anything will sink if you put a hole in it. I think you'd be very cavalier to say something like that. 

The six-day maiden voyage will take place in late 2016 and will be from Southampton to New York to 'complete the journey' started all those years ago. Just like in 1912 there will be three classes of passenger tickets and everyone on board will be provided with early-20th-century-style clothes and undergarments in their cabins to get them in the mood

Whilst there will be air conditioning there will be no TVs and no Internet in a bid to get back to the 'romance' of a bygone age. There will be capacity for 2,435 passengers and 900 crew. There will also be lifeboats that can carry 2,700 and life rafts with an additional capacity of 800. The original Titanic had just 16 wooden lifeboats that accommodated 1,178 people, one third of the total capacity. It will have a maximum speed of 24 knots, the same as the first Titanic. Other original features, which will also appear on Titanic II include the Turkish baths, the Cafe Parisien, the two 'Millioniare Suites', the Chart Room, and the quarters belonging to Titanic Master Captain Edward Smith. For entertainment guests can enjoy the casino, cinema or shopping area. 

He said: '40,000 people had registered for tickets on the ship's website with 16 offering between $750,000 and $1m to be on the opening voyage.'



to sail - hajózni
tycoon - (ipar)mágnás
to unveil - felfedni
doomed - kudarcra/halálra ítélt, balsorsú
vessel - hajó, hordozó
except - kivéve
sequel - folytatás
liner - óceánjáró, luxushajó
to sink - (el)süllyedni
to claim - állítani
lifeboat - mentőcsónak
hull - hajótest
steel composite - acél kompozit
confidence - magabiztosság
mastermind - mester/lángelme, háttérből irányító 
brash - pimasz, merész
mining - bányászat
to refuse - megtagadni (valamit)
unsinkable - elsüllyeszthetetlen
cavalier - fesztelen, heytke, fölényesen könnyed
maiden voyage - első út (hajóé)
to complete - befejezni, teljesíteni
undergarment - fehérnemű, alsóruházat
to get in the mood - hangulatba jönni, ráhangolódni valamire
whilst - míg
bid - (itt)kísérlet
to get back to - visszakerülni/jutni valahova
bygone - régmúlt, múlt
capacity - teherbírás, kapacitás, befogadóképesség
additional - kiegészítő, további
to accomodate - befogadni, férőhelyet nyújtani
knot - 1 tengeri mérföld óránként, csomó
to appear - megjelenni, feltűnni/bukkani
to belong to - tartozni valakihez

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