Grammar QUIZ: Passive voice

Grammar QUIZ: Passive voice

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Choose the best way to complete these passive voice sentences.
1. The bottle ......
A: should not being shaken
B: should not been shaken
C: should not been being shaken
D: should not be shook
E: should not be shaken

2. He ..... in a crossfire.
A: was shoot
B: was shotted
C: was being shot
D: was be shoting
E: was shot

3. A good film ..... in the cinema yesterday.
A: was being shown
B: was show
C: was showed
D: were shown
E: was shown

4. Are you sure the door .....?
A: has been shutted
B: has being shut
C: has been shut
D: has been being shut
E: has been be shut

5. Many beautiful songs ..... at this competition.
A: is being sung
B: is being sang
C: are being sung
D: are been sung
E: are being sang

6. Too much money ..... on the army.
A: is being spented
B: is being spend
C: is been being spent
D: is being spent
E: is being spended

7. The class ..... into groups of five.
A: was splited up
B: was split up
C: was being split up
D: were split up
E: were splitted up

8. The jewellery ......
A: was stolen
B: was stole
C: were stolen
D: were being stolen
E: was being stole

9. The paper ..... on the window.
A: was stucked
B: was stuck
C: was sticked
D: were stuck
E: were being stuck

10. Mr Watson ..... as town mayor.
A: was swearn in
B: were sworn in
C: was sworn in
D: were sworn in
E: was beeing sworn in

11. Everything ..... diligently.
A: is being sweep
B: is being swept
C: are being swept
D: are being sweep
E: being swept

12. Our cars ......
A: were not take
B: were not took
C: not taken
D: were not taken
E: were be not taken

13. Chinese ..... at this school.
A: going to be taught
B: is going be taught
C: are going be taught
D: is going to be teached
E: is going to be taught

14. The plaster ..... off the wall when we arrived.
A: was being tear down
B: was being torn down
C: was being tearn down
D: being torn down
E: was be torn down

15. I ..... about the accident before you mentioned it.
A: had not been told
B: had not been tell
C: had not told
D: had not been telled
E: be told

16. Not all eventualities ......
A: was thought of
B: were thought of
C: were thinking of
D: were being thought of
E: have being thought of

17. Batteries ..... in the communal waste.
A: must not thrown out
B: not be thrown out
C: must not be thrown out
D: must not be threw out
E: must not been threwn out

18. His English ......
A: can easily be understand
B: can easily understood
C: can easily be understood
D: can easily been understood
E: easily be understood

19. I ..... by the alarm clock at 5 o'clock.
A: was woken up
B: was woke up
C: was wake up
D: was woked up
E: was waked up

20. Nothing more ..... about love.
A: can be written
B: can be write
C: can be writed
D: can written
E: be written

1.E 2.E 3.E 4.C 5.C
6.D 7.B 8.A 9.B 10.C
11.B 12.D 13.E 14.B 15.A
16.B 17.C 18.C 19.A 20.A
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