Grammar Quiz: Passive voice II.

Choose the best way to complete these passive voice sentences.

1. One of the other prisoners ……
A: was beaten up
B: were beaten up
C: was beated up
D: was beat up
E: were beat up

2. A big chunk of his calf ….. by the dog.
A: were bitten off
B: was bit off
C: were bit off
D: was being bitten off
E: was bitten off

3. The office ….. by terrorists.
A: had been being blown up
B: had blown up
C: had been blown up
D: had been blowing up
E: had been blew up

4. The task ….. into smaller, manageable mini-tasks.
A: is broking down
B: is broken down
C: is braking down
D: is broke down
E: is brake down

5. The engagement ….. just two days before the wedding.
A: was broke off
B: was braked off
C: was broken off
D: was braking off
E: was break off

6. This government ….. by this scandal.
A: could being brought down
B: could be being brought down
C: could been bring down
D: could be brought down
E: could been brought down

7. She ….. in a friendly atmosphere.
A: is been brought up
B: is bringing up
C: are brought up
D: are bringing up
E: is being brought up

8. His confidence ….. by this.
A: will be built up
B: will been built up
C: will being built up
D: will be being built up
E: will be build up

9. Most of the land in the area ….. by property developers.
A: has be bought up
B: has been bought up
C: has been being bought up
D: have been bought up
E: have been being bought up

10. I ….. by the other students of English.
A: am being caught up
B: am be caught up
C: am being catched up
D: am being catching up
E: am been caught up

11. Red meat ….. from my diet.
A: have been cut out
B: has been being cut out
C: has been cut out
D: has been cutted out
E: has cut out

12. Unemployment ….. by the government.
A: must be deal with
B: must be dealed with
C: must be dealing with
D: must being dealt with
E: must be dealt with

13. The road outside my house ……
A: is be dug up
B: is been dug up
C: is being dig up
D: is being digged up
E: is being dug up

14. The rebels ….. to stop fighting.
A: will be call on
B: will been called on
C: will being called on
D: will be called on
E: will be calling on

15. I ….. by all that exercise. (informal)
A: have been done in
B: have been did in
C: have be done in
D: have being done in
E: has been done in

16. A plan to stop drug trafficking ….. before they started the campaign.
A: had be drawn up
B: had been drawn up
C: had been being drawn up
D: had be draw up
E: had been draw up

17. He ….. by a bus as he was crossing the road.
A: was ran over
B: was running over
C: was run over
D: was being run over
E: were run over

18. More and more farmland ….. by cities.
A: is being eat up
B: is be eaten up
C: is being eaten up
D: being eaten up
E: are being eaten up

19. Many faults ….. with him.
A: can be find
B: can be found
C: can be finded
D: can been found
E: can be finding

20. The essays ….. on Monday.
A: have to be given in
B: have to be handed in
C: have to be took in
D: have to be had in
E: have to be get in

1.A 2.E 3.C 4.B 5.C
6.D 7.E 8.A 9.B 10.A
11.C 12.E 13.E 14.D 15.A
16.B 17.C 18.C 19.B 20.B

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