Grammar test – Passive voice

Petya | 2010. 08. 11.

Passive voice

1. Our horses ……
A: are well feeded
B: are well fed
C: is well fed
D: is well feeded
E: well fed

2. It ….. that learning English is easy.
A: is said
B: said
C: are said
D: is sayed
E: is sad

3. The mosquito bite ……
A: could not be feelt
B: could not felt
C: could not be felt
D: could not be feel
E: could not be fell

4. The battles for liberation ……
A: had be fought
B: had been fighted
C: has been fought
D: will had been fought
E: had been fought

5. The best way ……
A: will been found
B: will be found
C: will be finded
D: will found
E: will had been found

6. Everything ……
A: are forbidden
B: were forbidden
C: is forbidden
D: is forbidded
E: will is forbidden

7. Everything ……
A: are going to be forgotten
B: is going to be forgotten
C: were going to be forgotten
D: is going be forgotten
E: is going to be forgot

8. What he has done to me ……
A: cannot be forgiven
B: cannot forgiven
C: cannot be forgiv
D: cannot be forgave
E: cannot been forgiven

9. All bottles ….. before transportation.
A: was frozen
B: were frozen
C: is frozen
D: will been frozen
E: frozen

10. I ……
A: have not given the money
B: have not be given the money
C: have not been give the money
D: have not been gaven the money
E: have not been given the money

11. The money ….. to me.
A: have not been given
B: has not be given
C: have not be given
D: has not been given
E: has not been gaven

12. Everything that ….. remained a secret.
A: had be overheard
B: had been overheared
C: had been overheard
D: will had been overheard
E: would had been overheard

13. The treasure ……
A: must have be hidden
B: must have been hid
C: must have been hided
D: must have been hidden
E: must had been hidden

14. South Florida and Hawaii ….. by a hurricane.
A: has been hit
B: have been hit
C: has be hit
D: have are hit
E: is hit

15. Peter and Tom ….. in an accident yesterday.
A: were hurt
B: is hurt
C: were hurted
D: is hurted
E: will been hurt

16. The thing ….. secret.
A: could not be keep
B: could not be keeped
C: could not be kept
D: could not kept
E: could not been kept

17. It ….. for years.
A: have not been known
B: had not be known
C: have not be known
D: had not been known
E: has not be known

18. John and Ann ……
A: were not misleed
B: were not misleeded
C: was not misled
D: were not misled
E: was not misleed

19. The stolen car ….. in the ditch.
A: was left
B: were left
C: were leaved
D: had be left
E: will been left

20. The picture ….. to a famous museum.
A: is beeing lent
B: is being lent
C: are being lent
D: is being lended
E: are being lended

1.B 2.A 3.C 4.E 5.B
6.C 7.B 8.A 9.B 10.E
11.D 12.C 13.D 14.B 15.A
16.C 17.D 18.D 19.A 20.B

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