Farther or Further?

Farther or Further?

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Sokan sokszor keverik a kettőt - tanuljuk meg, hogy mikor melyik a helyes. 


Do you use farther and further interchangeably? You’re not alone. These two terms have very similar meanings and English speakers have been using them interchangeably for centuries. However, there are subtle differences between the terms, and the distinction that informs good usage is fairly straightforward. Let’s take a look.

The widely accepted rule is to use farther to discuss physical distances, as in:

He went farther down the road.


Further should be used for figurative distance or to discuss degree or extent, as in:

I wanted to discuss it further, but we didn’t have time.

Additionally, you can further, or advance, a project, but you cannot farther a project because farther does not have a verb sense.

Further also has an adverbial sense of “moreover; additionally,” so you can say:

Further, you hurt my feelings, but NOT Farther, you hurt my feelings.

In some cases, you can use either of these words, especially when the distinction isn’t clear. For example, if you are discussing a book, you could argue that there is physical distance between the pages that can be measured. However, since the distance between pages is not geographical in nature, usage of further vs. farther is ambiguous. When it’s not completely clear which word to use, you can choose either one, though it’s usually safer to go with further because it has less restriction that its cousin.

I’m further along in the book than other members of my book club.

The other members of my book club are further along in the book than I am.

While the above is a general guide to good usage, the physical vs. figurative distance distinction is not always adhered to in popular usage, a fact that you will find reflected in our definitions for these two terms.

However, knowing the difference between good usage and popular usage will set you apart in formal settings.

We hope this explanation has furthered your understanding of these two terms!

source: dictionary.com

Farther or further? Which one would you use in the following sentences?

1. The ........ I go, the more I miss my home.

2. His decision was ....... complicated by uncertainty about the future.

3. The library is ...... from my house than the bookstore.

4. I jog a little ...... each day.

5. I am ...... along in my holiday shopping than I was last year at this time.

6. ......., I intend to finish my shopping before the end of the week.

7. Do you live ...... away from the city now?

8. I’ll be delving ...... into the topic at a later date.

9. Have you got anything ...... to say?

10. We intend to stay a ...... two weeks.


1. farther

2. further

3. farther

4. farther

5. further

6. Further

7. farther

8. further

9. further

10. further





apró, finom





widely accepted

széleskörben elfogadott


átvitt értelmű




nagyság, terjedelem

to advance

elősegít, előmozdít




ráadásul, továbbá

to argue

érvelni, vitatkozni




korlátozás, megkötés

to adhere to sg

ragaszkodni valamihez

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