It’s or Its? There’s or Theirs? Whether or Weather?


Egy kis helyesírás mindenkinek - mert még egy aposztróf is sokat változtathat egy szó jelentésén! 

Az alábbi szógyűjteményben olyan szavak szerepelnek, amelyeket könnyű rosszul leírni, ha nem figyelünk. Nézd meg és jegyezd meg a köztük lévő különbséget!

1. It’s = short for  it is – Ez…

It’s a beautiful day.

Its = belonging to it – azé

It’s a nice flower. I like its smell.

2. Theirs = belonging to them – övék

This room is theirs. Don’t enter, please.

There’s = short for ’There is’ – Van…..

There’s a mouse in the house, but don’t freak out.

 3. Hole = a gap, a small opening – lyuk, nyílás

There’s a hole in my pocket, I should sew it sooner or later.

Whole = complete, in one piece = teljes

Why don’t you tell the whole truth? Lying is a terrible thing to do.

4. Patience = being patient – türelem

Patience is a good quality but few people possess it.

Patients = sick people who see their doctor – páciensek, betegek

A doctor usually has a lot of patients when there’s a flu epidemic.

5. Peace = a state of harmony – béke

The world needs peace but people prefer fighting each other.

Piece = a small portion of something – rész, darab

Write your name on a piece of paper and give it to me.

6. Plain = simple – egyszerű

Her plan was plain, she didn’t want to meet any difficulties.

Plane = an aeroplane – repülőgép

Travelling by plane is the fastest way of transport.

7. Hear = to perceive sounds with your ear – hallani

Do you hear me? I’m talking to you.

Here = in this place – itt

My purse was here, but I can’t find it now.

8. There = at a place – ott

Stay there. Don’t move.

Their = belonging to them – övék

Their present was the best. I was so happy.

They’re = short for ’they are’ – ők (vannak)

They’re clever, but they hate school.

9. wait = stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or event – várni

Wait for me, please. I’m coming, just I’m slow.

Weight = heaviness of something – valaminek a súlya

The weight of this parcel is not all right. Repack it, please.

10. weather = the state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain – időjárás

If the weather is good we can go for a walk.

whether = used to introduce a question giving alternatives, usually used with ’or’ – vajon

I’m not sure whether I want to go out or stay at home.

11. whose = belonging to who? – Kié?

Whose coat is this? Who’s left it here?

Who’s = short for ’Who is’ – Ki?

Who’s coming with me? Jane? John?

12. your = belonging to you – tiéd

Your brother is the coolest kid in town.

you’re = short for ’you are’ – te vagy

You’re the best. Don’t ever change, please.

13. to = preposition – -ba, -be, -ra, re, -nak, -nek stb.

We like going to the cinema.

too = in addition – is

I’m coming, too.

two = a number – kettő

One plus one is two.

Now that you know the difference it will be easy to fill in the gaps with the right word in the sentences.

1. …….. a beautiful cuddly cat. I like …. colour.

2. ………. a lot of stuff on the table and it’s all ……. .

 3. The ……. class was laughing at him because there was a big ……. on the bottom of his trousers.

4. Doctors need a lot of …………. to listen to the complaints of their ……….. .

5. Sometimes the only thing you need for ……. is a ……… of cake.

6. It’s not so …….. to understand how a ……… works.

7. Why don’t you come ……. ? I would like to ….. what you’re saying.

8. ………. is ………… friend waiting for them. ……… going to meet soon.

9. ……….., the …….. of your suitcase is over the limit.

10. Let’s see what the ……… is going to be like ……. we can go on a trip or not.

11. ………… going to tell me …… mess it is?

12. ……… glad that …… son has passed the exam, aren’t you?

 13. You’ve got ….. legs ….. enjoy walking and running, …… .


1. It’s – its

2. There’s – theirs

3. whole – hole

4. patience – patients

5. peace – piece

6.  plain – plane

7. here – hear

8. There – their – They’re

9. wait – weight

10. weather – whether

11.  Who’s – whose

12.You’re – your

 13. two – to – too 

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