Teen Slang Terms Decoded

Teen Slang Terms Decoded

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GOAT, LOL, PAP és társaik - avagy mennyire vagy járatos a tini szlengben? 

Just FYI, LOL doesn't mean "lots of love."

Times and slang change. To properly understand texts from kids, it's helpful to know what they are talking about. Everybody knows someone (else) who mistook LOL to mean "lots of love" instead of "laugh out loud." And OOTD isn't a teenage hybrid of "out of the office," but rather "outfit of the day."

Ready for more? Here is a collection of teenage slang for you.

1. PAP.

Post a picture.

2. Bad.

Bad still means good, but now it's morphed to mean "hot" as in "Ruby Rose is as bad as they come."

3. Ship.

Ship is short for "relationship”.


IDEK means "I don't even know," and of course IDK means "I don't know." In the same "knowledge" vein, there is also IKR, standing for "I know, right?"

5. Bae.

While not generally seen in all uppercase, BAE actually stands for "before anyone else." Used as a term of endearment, many mistakenly think it's a derivative of "babe" or "baby." We'd also point out that bae is the noise that sheep make. And we won't laugh at you if you secretly thought it was Beyonce.

6. Dime.

Unlike the party size bag of dope from the 1960s, Dime today means 10 on a rating scale of 1-10. It's the best something can be.

7. THOT.

Not to be mistaken for a shorthand or misspelling of the word "thought," THOT actually means "that ho over there." Yes, ho as in whore. It refers to a teen with loose values, as in sexual promiscuity.

8. Netflix and chill.

No, it's not that innocent. It's shorthand for hooking up.

9. Hooking up.

While the term "hooking up" has been around for years, some older parents may not know that it means "doing the deed," "doing the nasty," "getting some," "going all the way" and "schtupping" -- that last being what your Yiddish-speaking bubbie used to call it long before Netflix came along.

10. TBR.

TBR means "to be rude," and is used in the context of "I don't mean TBR but ...." (a barrage of harsh feelings follow).

11. Peep.

Peep can either mean your friends -- as in your "people" -- or to look at or listen to something.

12. GOAT.

GOAT stands for the "greatest of all time."

13. TOPE.

Tope is a mix of "totally" and "dope."

14. Dope.

No, you silly. Well, actually yes, "dope" is a reference to marijuana. But it also means seriously great. So if you see this on your kid's phone, don't call for an intervention just yet.

source: Huffington Post

Can you pair up the teenage slang words and their meaning?

1. Just FYI

a. Post a picture.

2. LOL

b. Laugh out loud.


c. relationship

4. PAP

d. I know, right?

5. Bad

e. Before anyone else.

6. Ship

f. hooking up


g. to be rude

8. Bae

h. hot

9. Dime

i. Just for your information.

10. THOT

j. greatest of all time

11. Netflix and chill

k. I don’t even know.

12. Hooking up

l. totally dope

13. TBR

m. I don’t know.

14. Peep

n. outfit of the day

15. GOAT

o. people, friends

16. TOPE

p. seriously great

17. Dope

q. the best something can be

18. IDK

r. doing the deed

19. IKR

s. That ho (whore) over there.


1. i.

2. b.

3. n.

4. a.

5. h.

6. c.

7. k.

8. e.

9. q,

10. s.

11. f.

12. r.

13. g.

14. o.

15. j.

16. l.

17. p.

18. m.

19. d.


to mistake



öltözék, szerkó




nagybetűvel írva









loose values

laza erkölcsök


szabad szerelem



to hook up

összejönni és lefeküdni valakivel






durva, nyers



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