5 szó naponta – B2 – BALLAGÁS – szókincsbővítés

Bár a magyarországi ballagásokhoz hasonló ünnepségek nem jellemzőek sem Amerikában, sem az Egyesült Királyság területén, mivel Magyarországon ez minden diák életének része, nézzük meg milyen kifejezéseket tudunk használni, ha beszélni szeretnénk róla. 

Középiskolai ballagások idején hasznosak lehetnek a következő kifejezések. Bár a magyarországi ballagásokhoz hasonló ünnepségek nem jellemzőek sem Amerikában, sem az Egyesült Királyság területén. Amerikában a vizsgák után tartanak hasonló ünnepséget, az Egyesült Királyságban pedig mivel az érettségi eredmények augusztusban érkeznek meg, így nem tartanak ünnepi ceremóniát.

1.shoot for the moon (US)/reach for the starshatár a csillagos ég

To set one’s goals or ambitions very high; to try to attain or achieve something particularly difficult.

2.spread your wings and flytárd ki a szárnyaidat és repülj/adj szárnyakat a vágyaidnak

to become more independent and confident to try doing new things

3.may today hold the promise of many bright tomorrowsHordozza a mai nap sok gyönyörű holnap ígéretét

to hold the promise of tomorrow: a holnap ígéretét tartogatni

4.top of the classosztályelső

to have the best grades/marks, scores, or results compared to all the other students in the class

5.switch the tassel (on your graduation cap/mortar board) to the other side – (a bojtot a ‘végzős’ oldalra tedd)

If you’re a high school student, the graduation tassel starts on the right side.  The tassel is then moved to the left at the end of the ceremony.

cultural info:

Why Do We Turn The Tassel?

Depending on your educational level, you may move the tassel left or right after graduating. The tassel before graduation symbolizes your time as a student.  When you move it to the other side, you are confirming your newfound graduate status. Today, this simple but beautiful tradition is performed at commencements across the country (US).

If you’re a high school student, the graduation tassel starts on the right side.  The tassel is then moved to the left at the end of the ceremony.

College undergraduate ceremonies follow the same rules about turning the tassel.  Master’s degree recipients start with their tassel on the left side, and leave it there throughout the entire ceremony. This is also true for doctorate recipients. The idea is that moving the tassel signifies graduation, and graduate students already have that distinction.

sources (info; video): Graduation Source; How to Wear Your Graduation Cap and Gown, School of Information

Egy kis összefoglaló a magyar ballagásról:

BALLAGÁS (school-leaving ceremony) is not only a school ceremony but also an important family event. Before the start of the school-leaving/ baccalaureate examination period, graduating students celebrate their last school-day in all Hungarian secondary schools. In many countries, the end of the academic year is met with students fleeing school as quickly as possible, but here in Hungary this rite of passage is a cherished tradition that resembles a parade of appreciation for teachers and their education.

The ’ambling’ ceremony involves decorating the classrooms with flowers, writing farewell messages on the blackboard, junior students presenting a farewell satchel with a pogácsa (savoury scone) and a coin in it, singing farewell songs reserved for this occasion, moving slowly from classroom to classroom and finally gathering in the school courtyard to listen to elevated speeches the essence of which is ”and now you enter real life”.

The word BALLAG is a bit funny, it means to walk slowly, i.e. to amble or saunter, referring to the slow and sentimental way of leaving the institution which was their home for 4 years.

So, if you see people rushing with bunches of flowers on this day, it’s either relatives of the ambling students or the students themselves.

Source: http://fungarian.hu/ambling-students/

Egészítsd ki a következő mondatokat a mai ‘ötös’ kifejezésekkel.

1.My son was ____: he scored 100% in all his exams.

2.My parents always taught me to ______ when I was growing up—that I could be anything I set my mind to!

3.Now, you can ____ at the end of your graduation ceremony!

4.College gave Susan a chance to ____.

5.I wish you, my son, that ­____ .



1.top of the class; 2. shoot for the moon/reach for the stars;

3. switch the tassel to the other side; 4. spread her wings and fly;

5. may today hold the promise of many bright tomorrows


to attain megvalósítani
to achieve elérni
graduation cap/mortar board talár sapka
to confirm megerősíteni/alátámasztani
newfound graduate újdonsült végzős
commencements (US) ballagások
to signify jelezni
to have the distinction megtiszteltetésben részesülni
school-leaving examination érettségi vizsga
baccalaureate examination európai típusú érettségi vizsga (18 éves korban)
to cherish kedvelni/szeretni
to resemble hasonlítani
appreciation megbecsülés
’ambling’ ballagó/poroszkáló/lassan menő
farewell búcsú/búcsúzó
satchel tarisznya/kis táska
gathering összejövetel
elevated speeches magasztos beszédek
to saunter ballag/kószál/sétál
institution intézmény
to set one’s mind to elhatározni/fejébe venni
graduation ceremony ballagás/végzősök ünnepe

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