Binomials – kéttagú kifejezések


Ismerjünk meg néhány hasznos és gyakori kéttagú kifejezést!


Match the words to form correct expressions.

1.    odds

2.    wine

3.    back

4.    on

5.    slowly

6.    in leaps

7.    sooner

8.    down

9.    take it

10.  give

11.  rest

12.  peace

a)    and off

b)    or later

c)    and quiet

d)    and dine

e)    or take

f)     or leave it

g)    but surely

h)    and recreation

i)     and bounds

j)      and out

k)    and ends

l)     and forth


1.    k

2.    d

3.    l

4.    a

5.    g

6.    i

7.    b

8.    j

9.    f

10.  e

11.  h

12.  c

Use the expressions above to complete the sentences.

1.    They don’t have a lot of meetings. The executives get together for lunch ______ but only once or twice a month.

2.    When my husband’s mother came to visit us, we did our best to ______ her while she was staying with us.

3.    Once in every year, we rent a house in the countryside and we do nothing for a week but enjoy the _________.

4.    We live in a small town but I work in the capital, so I have to commute to work every day. However, travelling _________ is really exhausting.

5.    I have a great teacher and I learn everything she assigns, so my French has been improving ____________.

6.    Don’t worry, it’s not a long journey. It takes _________ an hour.

7.    At work what I really get tired of is taking care of the __________.

8.    I met our former History teacher the other day. You’d be surprised to see him. He’s quite __________. He’s unemployed and lives with his mother.

9.    That girl is working pretty hard. _________ she will get that promotion.

10.You should take it easy. Even the doctor recommended some __________.

11.Well, that’s my last offer, __________.

12._________ we made our way down that steep slope.


1.    on and off

2.    wine and dine

3.    peace and quiet

4.    back and forth

5.    in leaps and bounds

6.    give or take

7.    odds and ends

8.    down and out

9.    sooner or later

10.  rest and recreation

11.  take it or leave it

12.  slowly but surely 

Nézd meg ezt is:  Pénzzel kapcsolatos szókincs gyakorlás


odds and ends

ez-az, apró-cseprő dolgok

wine and dine

jól tart valakit

back and forth


on and off

hébe-hóba, időnként

slowly but surely

végül majd, lassan de biztosan

in leaps and bounds

gyorsan, nagy ugrásokkal

sooner or later


down and out

lecsúszott, anyagilag leégett

take it or leave it

kell vagy nem kell

give or take


rest and recreation

pihenés és feltöltődés

peace and quiet

csönd és béke

Kapcsolódó anyagok

Napi leckék
Egyéb megjegyzés