Booking accommodation - szállásfoglalás angolul

Booking accommodation - szállásfoglalásról angolul

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Bármilyen országba utazunk is, szállásfoglaláskor angol nyelven biztosan boldogulni fogunk. Nézzünk is meg néhány hasznos dolgot ezzel kapcsolatban. 

Booking accommodation

Summer is fast approaching, and more and more people start booking their holidays to get the best deals on vacations. Before I go on vacation, I always plan my trip. First, I usually have a look at some travel websites and review the popular destinations. Of course, I also check the costs involved in travelling to the place I like. If I want to fly, I compare the prices of different airlines. If I travel by train, I usually have a look at train passes and tickets. When looking for accommodation, I usually search websites and read reviews before choosing the right one. I don’t really mind staying at economic hotels, but I’m really concerned about cleanliness and comfort.  When I’m not sure about a place, I usually call to ask more questions.

Receptionist:Good afternoon, Cyclops Hotel. Can I help you?
Man: Good afternoon! I’d like to book a room.
Receptionist: Certainly. When for?
Man: From the 15th of June.
Receptionist: For how many nights?
Man: Just for three nights.
Receptionist: What kind of room would you like, Sir?
Man: A double room with an ensuite bathroom. I’d appreciate if I could have a room with a view over the sea.
Receptionist: Certainly, Sir. Let me check what is available. Yes, we have a room on the 2nd floor with an excellent view.
Man: How much is it per night?
Receptionist: It’s 95 euros per night, including breakfast.
Man: Is wi-fi available in the room?
Receptionist: Yes, wi-fi is available in the entire hotel, and is free of charge.
Man: All right. I’ll take it.
Receptionist: Can I have your name, please?
Man: Yes, my name is John Carpenter. Can you confirm my booking via e-mail?
Receptionist: Of course. What is your e-mail account?
Receptionist: Thank you for choosing us, Mr Carpenter. Goodbye.
Man: Goodbye.

to approach – közeledni
deal – jó üzlet, jó fogás
to review – áttekinteni
destination – úticél
to involve – magával hozni, vele járni
to compare – összehasonlítani
airline – légitársaság
review – értékelés
to be concerned about – valamivel foglalkozni/törődni
cleanliness – tisztaság
ensuite bathroom – szobához tartozó fürdőszoba
I’d appreciate if – nagyra értékelném, ha
a room with a view – szoba kilátással
available – elérhető, szabad, megszerezhető
entire – teljes
free of charge – költségek nélkül, ingyen
to confirm – visszaigazolni

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