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Fantáziáljunk együtt :)

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Nézzünk meg egy rövid jelenetet a Bad Moms című filmből, és tanuljuk meg használni a fantáziánkat :) 

AMY: You know what my biggest mom fantasy is? Having a quiet myself.

Kiki and Carla nod in agreement.

CARLA: Yeah, that’s hot.

KIKI: Sometimes when I’m driving and I’m all alone I fantasize about getting into a car crash. Not like a big car crash with fire and explosions, just like a little one, and then I get to go to the hospital for two weeks and I sleep all day and watch TV and eat jello and it’s all covered by insurance and my family comes and they’re so nice to me and Kent has tears in his eyes and he pretends it’s hay fever but we all know why he’s crying, we all know, and my kids bring balloons and the nurses rub cream on my feet and oh my God it’s so amazing...

Kiki notices Amy and Carla looking at her like she’s nuts.

KIKI:Is that like...something you guys fantasize about too?




1)     megszámlálható és nem megszámlálható főnévként:

an exciting and unusual experience or situation that you imagine happening to you, but which will probably never happen

Young children sometimes can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality.

fantázia, képzelődés, agyszülemény

2)     egyes számú, nem megszámlálható főnévként:

an idea or belief that is based only on imagination, not on real facts

Memories can sometimes be pure fantasy, rather than actual recollections.

képzelet szüleménye, álom, látomás

3)     megszámlálható főnévként:

a story, film that is based on imagination and not facts

It is a surrealist fantasy set in a South American village.

fantasy film

TO LIVE IN A FANTASY WORLD – fantáziavilágban élni

to live in a place that exists solely in the imagination (but often mistaken for reality), to have ideas or plans that are not realistic

FLIGHT OF FANTASY – képzelet szüleménye

an idea which shows a lot of imagination but which is not practical or useful in real situations

You were talking about cycling across the US, or was that just another flight of fantasy?

TO FANTASIZE (also FANTASISE in British English) – fantáziálni valamiről (about)

to imagine that you are doing something which is very pleasant or exciting, but which is very unlikely to happen

Sometimes she fantasizes about buying a boat and sailing around the world.


She used to fantasize that my real parents were famous movie stars.


to nod in agreement

egyetértéssel bólogatni



to fantasize about

fantáziálni valamiről

to get into a car crash

autóbalesetbe kerülni




zselés édesség

it’s all covered by insurance

mindent a biztosítás fedez

to have tears in one’s eyes

könny van a szemében

to pretend

úgy tenni, mintha

hay fever


to rub

dörzsölni, masszírozni

to be nuts

megőrülni, bolondnak lenni

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