Set and Put


Set vagy put? Ez itt a kérdés:) 

Set and Put

to set your heart on sg

He has set his heart on becoming a pilot.

vágyni valamire

to set the world to right

We were up late last night setting the world to right.

fontos problémákat megbeszélni

to set fire to

He admitted that he had set fire to the house.


to set foot in

The minute he set foot in my apartment, he started to criticise everything.

valahova menni, betenni a lábát valahova

to be set in your ways

It’s quite hard for people in their forties to live together because people are set in their ways by that time.

amikor nagyon megszoktunk bizonyos dolgokat és nem akarunk, vagy nem tudunk változtatni rajta

to set a good example

I want to set a good example for my teenage kid by not smoking.

jó példát állítani

to put your foot down

You should put your foot down and tell them who the boss is.

a sarkára állni

to put all your eggs in one basket

No matter how hard my mom tried to convince me to apply to more universities, I only applied to Yale. Though she kept telling me that I shouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket.

kockáztatni az által, hogy csak egy dolgot próbálunk kis sok helyett. Vagy egy lapra feltenni mindent.

to put your mind to

If you put your mind to it, I’m sure you could do it.

nagyon erősen koncentrálni valamire

to put two and two together

Did you think I’m stupid and I’m not going to figure it out one day? You know I can put two and two together.

levonni egy egyértelmű következtetést

to put sg in a nutshell

The explanation is quite complicated but let me put it in a nutshell for you.

valamit pontosan és röviden megállapítani

a put-up job

It seemed like a good investment but it turned out to be a put-up job.

előre megrendezett dolog, átverés

Find the definitions of the following expressions, please.

set your heart on, set the world to right, set fire to, set foot in, set in your ways, set a good example, put your foot down, put all your eggs in one basket, put your mind to, put two and two together, put sg in a nutshell, a put-up job

1.    to cause fire somewhere

2.    to really want and desire to do something

3.    to be fixed in your habits and find it very hard to change

4.    an attempt to trick or deceive someone

5.    to risk everything you have for one thing

6.    to behave in a way other people should copy

7.    to put a lot of effort into something

8.    to figure out something obvious

9.    to discuss a very important problem

10.  to go somewhere

11.  to explain something in a short and accurate way

12.  to be firm about something or somebody


1.    set fire to

2.    set your heart on

3.    set in your ways

4.    a put-up job

5.    put all your eggs in one basket

6.    set a good example

7.    put your mind to

8.    put two and two together

9.    set the world to right

10.  set foot in

11.  put sg in a nutshell

12.  put your foot down

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