Speaking – Beszélgessünk!


Egy kis szókincsfejlesztés a BESZÉD témakörben. 


to whisper

The two sisters were whispering in bed for hours so that their parents wouldn’t hear them.


to mutter

I hate it when we argue and you don’t say anything, just mutter something and leave.

morog, dörmög

to stammer

He is afraid of speaking in public because when he’s nervous, he stammers.


to scream

I ran inside when I heard her scream.

sikít, kiabál

to mumble

I never understand a word of what he mumbles.


to shout

He was so rude. He shouted at me and told me to leave.


to murmur

‘I love you’- he murmured.

mormol, duruzsol (de lehet zsörtölődő is)

to shriek

She shrieked that there was a spider in her bed.

sikolt, visít

to cry

‘Henry, what are you doing with that poor bear?’ – cried Mrs Brown.


to mouth

He mouthed the solution to me so that the teacher wouldn’t hear it.

hang nélkül formázni a szavakat a szánkkal

to yell

You don’t have to yell. I’m standing right here.


Use the correct form of the verbs from the table above to complete the sentences.

1.    Instead of a real answer, he just _______ something about being busy.

2.    The concert was so disappointing. I’m sure that the singers _______ the words.

3.    Please don’t make me speak in front of the whole school. You know that I ______ when I’m too excited.

4.    Please don’t ________ at me again. I was asking nicely.

5.    If you want to be an actor, it’s high time you stopped _______.

6.    I couldn’t really understand what he said because we were in the middle of a meeting and he only ________.

7.    ‘Watch out’ she _______.

8.    We __________ with laughter when we realised he had just been joking.

9.    Our neighbours ________ at each other this morning.

10.  He _________ sweet nothings in her ear.


1.    muttered

2.    were mouthing

3.    stammer

4.    yell/ shout

5.    mumbling

6.    whispered

7.    cried

8.    shrieked

9.    were yelling/ shouting

10.  murmured

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