TESZT - Angol (köz)mondások

TESZT - Angol (köz)mondások

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Híres angol, munkával kapcsolatos mondásokhoz keressük a hiányzó szavakat. Vágj neki bátran, megoldókulcs a teszt alján!
1. You can't make bricks without ......
A: straw
B: knowledge
C: money
D: clay
E: lime

2. The ..... stops here.
A: deer
B: money
C: dollar
D: horse
E: buck

3. Business before ......
A: holiday
B: free time
C: entertainment
D: going out
E: pleasure

4. The devil finds work for idle ......
A: hands
B: minds
C: brains
D: legs
E: hearts

5. Why keep a dog and ..... yourself?
A: bite
B: bark
C: run
D: pay
E: fetch

6. If you can't stand/take the heat, get out of the ......
A: heat
B: room
C: kitchen
D: fire
E: living room

7. You pays/pay your ..... and takes/take your choice.
A: friend
B: business
C: invoices
D: money
E: bill

8. Practice makes ......
A: genius
B: good
C: perfect
D: wise
E: clever

9. Never put ..... until tomorrow what you can do today.
A: off
B: down
C: in
D: on
E: out

10. Time and ..... wait for no one.
A: money
B: tide
C: ebb
D: girlfriend
E: bus

11. Give us the ..... and we'll finish the job.
A: rules
B: tools
C: means
D: equipment
E: things

12. Nothing ventured, nothing ......
A: won
B: profited
C: gained
D: advanced
E: increased

13. Make ..... while the sun shines.
A: hay
B: bed
C: straw
D: play
E: fire

14. Many ..... make light work.
A: feet
B: hands
C: eyes
D: brains
E: friends

15. All work and no ..... makes Jack a dull boy.
A: game
B: quiz
C: play
D: rest
E: study

16. There's no peace for the ......
A: shrewd
B: devil
C: bad
D: wicked
E: evil

17. Where there's a ..... there's a way.
A: will
B: mind
C: want
D: need
E: wish

18. A woman's work is never ......
B: done
C: ready
D: seen
E: made

19. If a thing ....., it's worth doing well.
A: is worth doing
B: you are doing
C: is done
D: can be done
E: is yours

20. If it ain't/isn't ....., don't fix it.
A: broken
B: broked
C: braked
D: broke
E: break

1.A 2.E 3.E 4.A 5.B
6.C 7.D 8.C 9.A 10.B
11.B 12.C 13.A 14.B 15.C
16.D 17.A 18.B 19.A 20.D
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