Ways To Avoid Using 'Very'

Ways To Avoid Using ‘Very’

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Néhány tipp és tanács, hogy mit használjuk inkább a 'very' szócska helyett!

Are you very tired of hearing the word ‘very’ very often? Then you'll find this very interesting lesson very useful :-)

very afraid = terrified

very angry = furious

very bad = atrocious

very beautiful = exquisite

very big = immense

very bright = dazzling

very capable = accomplished

very clean = spotless

very clever = brilliant

very cold = freezing

very conventional = conservative

very dirty = squalid

very dry = parched

very eager = keen

very fast = quick

very fierce = ferocious

very good = superb

very happy = jubilant

very hot = scalding

very hungry = ravenous

very large = colossal

very lively = vivacious

very loved = adored

very neat = immaculate

very old = ancient

very poor = destitute

very pretty = beautiful

very quiet = silent

very risky = perilous

very roomy = spacious

very rude = vulgar

very serious = solemn

very small = tiny

very strong = unyielding

very stupid = idiotic

very tasty = delicious

very thin = gaunt

very tired = exhausted

very ugly = hideous

very valuable = precious

very weak = feeble

very wet = soaked

very wicked = villainous

very wise = sagacious

very worried = anxious

Can you replace the phrases beginning with ’very’ with an appropriate word from the collection above?

When I first met her, she was a (1) very small girl, but I could immediately see that she would grow into a (2) very pretty woman. She lived in a (3) very poor family in a (4) very quiet village in a (5) very clean cottage. Her mum was a (6) very clever woman with (7) very serious eyes. Her father was a (8) very lively but (9) very thin man who made her daughter feel (10) very loved. I was (11) very tired and (12) very hungry when I arrived at their (13) very old but (14) very beautiful cottage in the (15) very bright sunshine. They served me a (16) very tasty meal in the (17) very neat little kitchen and we had a (18) very fast conversation about (19) very conventional issues. Her father had (20) very strong opinions about everything. I was (21) very afraid of telling my opinion and I felt (22) very stupid and (23) very worried in his presence. But I had to admit that he was a (24) very wise man.


1. tiny

2. beautiful

3. destitute

4. silent

5. spotless

6.  brilliant

7. solemn

8. vivacious

9. gaunt

10. adored

11. exhausted

12. ravenous

13. ancient

14. exquisite

15. dazzling

16. delicious

17. immaculate

18. quick

19. conservative

20. unyielding

21. terrified

22. idiotic

23. anxious

24. sagacious

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