What do you call ... ? - Fura szavak az angol nyelvben

What do you call ... ? - Fura szavak az angol nyelvben

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Fura és érdekes szavak az angol nyelvben. Ismered őket? Ha nem, itt az ideje! 


1. … a puff of smoke from a pipe? It’s called lunt.

2. … the state of being full of beer? It’s called gambrinous.

3. … the bumps on raspberries? They’re called drupelets.

4. … a gap between two teeth? It’s called diastema.

5. … the hole in your shirt that your arm goes through? It’s called armsate.

6. … the scented trail left behind by a person wearing perfume? It’s called sillage.

7. … the holes in Swiss cheese? They’re called eyes.

8. … the use of swearing to alleviate stress or pain? It’s called lalochezia.

9. … the act of stretching and yawning? It’s called pandiculation.

10. … the space between your eyebrows? It’s called glabella.

11. … the metal band on a pencil that holds the eraser? It’s called ferrule.

12. … the symbol # (the pound sign on the keyboard)? It’s called octothorpe.

source: mentalfloss

Can you use the new words in the sentences below? 

1.  I bet you didn't know that "the pound sign" had a name. It’s called ……. .

2. Most college students are planning on being very …………. after their exams.

3. I can’t stand people smoking cigarettes, but I love the smell of a ….. .

4.  Kids like chewing on the ….. of a pencil, though it’s not very healthy.

5. The bigger the …… are in the Swiss cheese the more I like it.

6. The ……… of the raspberries are full of sweet juice.

7. Her ……. is unusually narrow. There’s almost no space between her eyebrows.

8. Don’t worry about the ……. between little Jack’s two front teeth. They will disappear with time.

9. ……… is a good way of getting rid of stress, though it’s not a polite way to do so.

10. The ……. of this shirt isn’t big enough. I can’t squeeze my hand through.

11. I hate it that when I enter an office and I can feel the ……. of the previous customer. 

12. Are you sleepy in the morning? …………. helps you wake up fast.


1. octothorpe

2. gambrinous

3. lunt

4. ferrule

5. eyes

6. drupelets

7. glabella

8. diastema

9. lalochezia

10. armsate

11. sillage

12. pandiculation

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