Words Often Confused – Words with ‘C’

Words Often Confused – Words with ‘C’

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Jöjjön a könnyen összekeverhető szavakból álló gyűjteményünk következő része, ezúttal C betűvel! 

Words Often Confused – Words with ‘C’

1. canvas or canvass?

canvas = a type of strong cloth – vászon, vitorlavászon, festővászon

canvass = to seek people’s votes - korteskedni

2. censure or censor?

censure = to criticize strongly – bírálni, elítélni

censor = to ban parts of a book or film; a person who does this – cenzúrázni, cenzor

3. cereal or serial?

cereal = a grass producing an edible grain; a breakfast food made from grains – gabona, gabonapehely

serial = happening in a series - sorozat

4. chord or cord?

chord = a group of musical notes - akkord

cord = a length of string  - kötél, zsinór

5. climactic or climatic?

climactic = forming a climax – tetőpontra érő, kulmináló

climatic = relating to climate - éghajlati

6. coarse or course?

coarse = rough - durva

course = a direction; a school subject; part of a meal – irány, útirány, tanfolyam, kurzus, fogás

7. complacent or complaisant?

complacent = smug and self-satisfied – önelégült, öntelt

complaisant = willing to please – szolgálatkész, előzékeny

8. complement or compliment?

complement = to add to so as to improve; an addition that improves something – kiegészíteni, kipótolni

compliment = to praise or express approval; an admiring remark – bókolni, dicsérni

9. council or counsel?

council = a group of people who manage or advise – tanács, tanácskozás

counsel = advice; to advise – tanácsot adni, javasolni, ajánlani

10. cue or queue?

cue = a signal for action; a wooden rod – beintés, végszó, dákó

queue = a line of people or vehicles - sor

11. curb or kerb?

curb = to keep something in check; a control or limit – megfékezni, féken tartani

kerb = (in British English) the stone edge of a pavement  - járdaszegély

12. currant or current?

currant = a dried grape or small edible black, red berries – mazsola, ribizli

current = happening now; a flow of water, air, or electricity – jelenlegi, pillanatnyi, áramlat

Can you decide which word to use in the sentences?

1. canvas or canvass?

a. The painter liked creating his paintings on ………… only. He never used paper.

b. A team of volunteers is …………… the city for the Republican Party.

2. censure or censor?

a. Her letters sent from prison were heavily ………… .

b. If you take your dad's car without telling him, you can expect him to ………. you severely, and maybe even ground you as well.

3. cereal or serial?

a. The British like to have ………… for breakfast.

b. Sarah is addicted to TV ……… . She can’t imagine her life without them.

4. chord or cord?

a. He brought a piece of ……… and tied his girlfriends’ hands so that she would not be able to escape.

b. The ……… he was playing on the guitar sounded beautiful.

5. climactic or climatic?

a. The ………….. changes nowadays are very annoying indeed.

b. The film’s ……….. ending was very unusual.

6. coarse or course?

a. The material of the blanket was so ………… that I couldn’t sleep all night.

b. They offered us a three-………. meal but I wasn’t really hungry.

7. complacent or complaisant?

a. John’s ………….. behaviour made everybody hate him.

b. Jane’s …………… behaviour made her to be everyone’s favourite in the class.

8. complement or compliment?

a. He was a real gentleman. He …………. on my dress whenever he saw me.

b. A good wine is a ………….. to a good meal.

9. council or counsel?

a. The local ……….. was in his favour he was able to build his house in the end.

b. My job involves ………………unemployed people about how to find work.

10. cue or queue?

a. Standing in …………… is absolutely natural for the British.

b. As if on ……. everybody started to run.

11. curb or kerb?

a. She promised she would ……… her hot temper.

b. The ……… of the road was in very bad repair.

12. current or currant?

a. The ………… situation is very dangerous in that country. You shouldn’t plan a holiday there.

b. Red …….. are my favourite fruit. I can’t have enough of them.


1. a. canvas

     b. canvassing

2. a. censored

     b. censure

3. a. cereal

     b. serials

4. a. cord

    b. chords

5. a. climatic

     b. climactic

6. a. coarse

     b. course

7. a. complacent

     b. complaisant

8. a. complimented

     b. complement

9. a. council

    b. counselling

10. a. queues

       b. cue

11. a. curb

       b. kerb

12. a. current

       b. currants

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