Words Often Confused – Words with ’D’and ’E’

Words Often Confused – Words with ’D’and ’E’

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Gyakran összekeverhető szavak - ezúttal D és E betűvel. 

Words Often Confused – Words with ’D’and ’E’

1. defuse or diffuse?

to defuse /ˌdiːˈfjuːz/= to make a situation less dangerous, less tense or to remove  the fuse from a bomb - hatástalanítani

to diffuse /dɪˈfjuːz/= to spread over a wide area – szórni, terjeszteni, sugározni

2. desert or dessert?

desert /ˈdezət/ = a waterless, empty area; to abandon someone – sivatag,elhagyni, otthagynivalakit

dessert/dɪˈzɜːt/= the sweet course of a meal - desszert

3. discreet or discrete?

disccreet/dɪˈskriːt/= careful not to attract attention – diszkrét, tapintatos

discrete /dɪˈskriːt/= separate and distinct – különálló, nemfolytonos, jólelkülöníthető

4. disinterested or uninterested?

disinterested /dɪˈsɪntrəstɪd/= impartial – elfogulatlan, pártatlan

uninterested/ʌnˈɪntrestɪd/ = not interested –érdeklődéstnemmutató, közönyös

5. draught or draft?

draught /drɑːft/ = a current of air - huzat

draft /drɑːft/ = a first version of a piece of writing - vázlat

6. draw or drawer?

draw /drɔː/ = an even score at the end of a game or selecting names randomly to decide winners in a lottery, opponents in a sporting contest –döntetlen, sorsolás

drawer /drɔ:(r)/ = a sliding storage compartment - fiók

7. dual or duel?

dual /ˈdjuː.əl/= having two parts - kettős

duel /ˈdjuː.əl/= a fight or contest between two people - párbaj

8. elicit or illicit?

elicit /ɪˈlɪsɪt/ = to draw out a reply or reaction – előidézni, kihozni

illicit /ɪˈlɪsɪt/= not allowed by law or rules – törvénybeütköző, tiltott

9. ensure or insure?

ensure /ɪnˈʃɔ:(r)/ = to make certain that something will happen – bebiztosítanivalamit, biztosítanivalakitvalamiről

insure /ɪnˈʃɔː(r)/ = to provide compensation if a person dies or property is damaged – biztosítani, biztosítástkötni

10. envelop or envelope?

envelop /ɪnˈveləp/= to cover or surround – beborítani, beburkolni

envelope /ˈenvələʊp/ = a paper container for a letter - boríték

11. exercise or exorcise?

exercise /ˈeksəsaɪz/ = a task or a physical activity; to do a task or a physical activity – feladat, gyakorlat, feladatot/gyakorlatotcsinálni

exorcise /ˈeksɔː.saɪz/= to drive out an evil spirit – démontűzni

Can you decide which word to use in the sentences?

1. The graveyard looked ghostly, …………..in mist.

2. Bomb disposal experts have …………. a 110-pound bomb at a subway station this afternoon.

3. The two knights fought a …….. over the lady.

4. After the priest ………. the spirit, apparently, the strange noises stopped.

5. What would you like for ………. ? Pudding or chocolate cake?

6. John ……….. me that I can trust him, everything will be all right.

7. These small companies now have their own ………. identity.

8. A ……………. judgment is important if you want to be fair.

9. ……… drugs such as cocaine and cannabis can be bought in the streets of the city.

10. Could you please close the window? The ………. is very unpleasant.

11. We were very lucky at the prize ……… . We won the main prize.


1. enveloped

2. defused

3. duel

4. exorcised

5. dessert

6. ensured

7. discrete

8. disinterested

9. illicit

10. draught

11. draw

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