A bátor nagyi esete a betörővel – szókincs, videó, történetmesélés gyakorlása

A BBC új, bűnügyi helyszínes takarítós komédia sorozatának (The Cleaner) egy kis részletét láthatjátok. Az idős hölgy monológban meséli el, mit is tett, amikor találkozott a betörővel és mi bosszantotta fel igazán. A videós részlet tele van remek kifejezésekkel. Készítettünk a kifejezésekhez kapcsolódó feladatot is. Jó szórakozást!

The Cleaner is a British television sitcom. It was premiered on BBC One on 10 September 2021. Loosely inspired by the German comedy series Der Tatortreiniger (Crime Scene Cleaner), it is written by Greg Davies, who also stars as Paul “Wicky” Wickstead, a cleaner sent to mop up the messes left behind after gruesome killings and untimely deaths. (The title and setup slightly spoil the first joke, where he arrives as if he is a detective, only to slap down his tray of solvents and cloths.) Each week, Wicky visits a different house; each week he deals with a different “client”.

The Cleaner is a curious mix, attempting to balance slapstick moments, such as the brutal kicking of a pie, with pathos-laden observations about ambition and freedom. Sometimes, it works wonderfully.

The first season is made up of six 30-minute episodes.

source: The Guardian

A videó megnézése után foglaljátok össze röviden, hogy mi is történt a betörő és az idős hölgy között, ami a betörő halálához vezetett. Segítségül megadjuk a videó szövegátiratát.
source: How to deal with burglars, The Cleaner, BBC, Youtube

He must have thought that I was, I was out because he looked shocked and that’s when he took out a knife, this big..


He pushed me into the chair with such a force I, I still feel like I’ve been skiing.

God, skiing’s shit

And then he demanded to know where the jewel safe was and I was not going to reveal that.

Hey! Now that is silly. Jewelry’s not worth dying for…unless it’s really nice jewelry. Yours is really nice jewelry, isn’t it?

And that is exactly why I feigned passing out.

Clever girl! Sorry, lady, person. Go on.

Well, I continued to monitor him through one eye.

Classic half-peep. Sounds like you played a blinder. Well, a peeper. Doesn’t matter, peepy blinders. Go on.

Well, I stealthily observed him lowering swag through the window and he…Oh, I can barely bring myself to say it. He was.. Oh, it was monstrous. it was awful!

Oh, God, what?

He stood on the sofa!

That cad!

I leapt to my feet. “You”, I said. “You may break into my home and rob my possessions but you will not stand on that sofa in dirty shoes.”

He must have put the knife away and died of embarrassment.

Quite the reverse. A smirk crept across his dastardly lips. “This is what I think about your chair, you crumpled hag,” he said. And with one swift, awful movement, he did it.

What, the rip?

Well, as my grandson would say, I lost my shiz.
You kicked him in the throat

I threw a cushion at him.

Also good! So, it was a heavy cushion?

Well, he gave chase, following me to the foot of the stairs. But I have maintained senior pilates and I’m stronger that he had bargained for. We grappled but he lost his footing. He grabbed the shields, the clubs, anything on the wall. No respect for any one of them. Then, the die was cast. I watched him tumble, as if in a dream, his fall broken …by his own head.


The sound his neck made on impact will haunt me for life. It was like…

Someone biting a crunchy?

A mighty oak finally succumbing to the woodman’s axe.

Yeah, that’s way better.

I ran down to find him gasping in lungfuls of air. 

He wasn’t dead?

I quickly arranged him into the recovery position.

Someone was a Brownie.

I was a surgeon in the RAF.


I made him comfortable but, alas, with a sickening gurgle…, he was gone.

Well, I think, it’s pretty cool you even tried to help.

A következő feladatban a párbeszédszerű monológban elhangzott érdekes kifejezéseket gyakoroljuk. Találjátok ki, melyik kifejezés magyarázatát adtuk meg az egyes feladatokban.
source: Cambridge Dictionary, The Free Dictionary by Farlex


Interesting info:

peaky blinders
The Peaky Blinders were a street gang based in Birmingham, England, that operated from the end of the 19th century to the early 1900s. In 2013, the name was reused for a BBC television series entitled Peaky Blinders. The series, which stars Cillian Murphy, Paul Anderson, and Joe Cole, is a crime story about a fictional crime family operating in Birmingham just after World War I.

The likely explanation of Peaky Blinders is rooted in slang of the era of the early 1900s. “Peaky,” at the time, just referred to a popular style of flat cap that came to a small peak atop the head. And “blinder” was, as the Birmingham Mail pointed out, common Birmingham slang for someone well-dressed and dapper. The Peaky Blinders gang was, above all else, known for their distinctive, stylish manner of dress that set them apart from their rivals: a BBC report described their quasi-uniform as including silk scarves, bell-bottomed trousers, and a flat cap; they would also wear tailored jackets and waistcoats and had nice leather boots. So, there you have it: one of the most feared gangs in Britain was named after the fact that they just dressed really, really well.

source: Wikipedia and yahoo!entertainment


to mop up feltakarítani
messes felfordulás
gruesome szörnyű/borzalmas
untimely idő előtti
to spoil joke elrontani a viccet
to slap down lecsapva odatenni valamit
solvents oldószerek
to attempt megkísérelni
slapstick helyzetvígjáték
pathos-laden pátosszal terhelt
Yikes! Szent ég!
shit (slang) marhaság
to reveal megmutatni
unless hacsak nem
to feign színlelni/tettetni
to pass out elájulni
to play a blinder piszok jól csinálni valamit
peeper leselkedő
stealthily lopva/titokban
to lower swag leereszteni a szajrét
monstrous szörnyű/gyalázatos
cad gazember
to leap to one’s feet talpra ugrani
to rob my possessions elrabolni a vagyonomat
to die of embarrassment belehalni a szégyenbe/szégyenkezésbe
Quite the reverse Épp ellenkezőleg
smirk önelégült mosoly
to creep across (creep, crept, crept) átsuhan
dastardly aljas/galád
crumpled hag aszott vénasszony/banya
swift gyors/fürge
rip hasítás
I lost my shiz Kiakadtam
to give chase üldözni valakit
the foot of the stairs lépcső alján
to maintain eljárni karbantartani a testét
to bargain for számítani valamire
to grapple viaskodni/birkózni
to lose his footing elveszíteni a lába alól a talajt
shield pajzs
clubs golfütők
the die was cast a kocka el volt vetve
to tumble leesni/ bukdácsolva lejutni
exasperation mérgelődés/morgolódás
vexation bosszúság/bosszankodás
impact nekiütközés
to haunt kísérteni/követni
crunchy ropogós csoki
mighty hatalmas/tekintélyes
to succumb to megadni magát/
elfogadni a vereséget
woodman’s axe erdei favágó fejszéje/baltája
to gasp in lungfuls of kapkodva lélegezni
Brownie cserkészlány (briteknél)
RAF (the Royal Air Force) Királyi Légierő
alas Ó, jaj!/Fájdalom/Sajna!
sickening undorító
flat cap elöl merevített, vastag textilsapka
dapper jól öltözött
distinctive jellegzetes/jól megkülönböztethető
bell-bottomed trousers trapéznadrág
tailored méretre szabott/rendelésre készült

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