Egy újabb tavasz-inspirált feladatsor szókincsfejlesztéshez, szószedettel.

Another spring-inspired vocabulary building activity

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Itt a tavasz, fejlesszük a szókincsünket:) 

Use the UNDERLINED words to fill in the gaps in the sentences below (they may have slightly different meanings).

1) Our garden is beautiful when all the trees are in bloom.
2) I love walking in an April shower.
3) My son jumps into every puddle he can find.
4) The young birds flew out of their nest soon after they hatched.
5) Most plants bud in early spring.
6) These bushes blossomed so beautifully last summer.
7) The day was quite breezy but it was great for kite flying.
8) My daughter was so well behaved and good yesterday that I thought she would sprout wings.
9) The snow was still thawing when the first snowdrops appeared.
10) Nature is reborn in spring.

a) I love watching geese and ducks …....... in the pond behind our house.
b) The bride and the groom walked out in a …....... of confetti.
c) My grandmother was beautiful when she was a young woman in full …....... .
d)  She wasn’t a very pretty child but she …....... into a very attractive young woman.
e) We had a very …....... conversation, so I didn’t really find out anything.
f) The teacher found out about the secret plot we had …....... against the other kids and put an end to it.
g) New businesses began to …....... across the country shortly after the economic crisis.
h) Our new boss is very reserved and serious, but I am sure he is slowly …....... at our kindness.
i) This problem should be nipped in the …....... so it doesn’t get even bigger.
j) He felt …....... after he survived that terrible accident.

Answers: 1) c, 2) b, 3) a, 4) f, 5) i, 6) d, 7) e, 8) g, 9) h, 10) j

bloom- virág(zás)
in full bloom- ifjúsága teljében
to bloom - virágozni
shower - zápor
to shower– zuhanyozni, záporozni, elárasztani
puddle - pocsolya
to puddle- pancsolni
to hatch - kikelni (tojásból)
to hatch a plot- kitervelni valamit
bud - bimbó, rügy
to bud- rügyezni, kihajtani, sarjadni
to nip in the bud- csírájában elfojtani
blossom - virág(zás)
to blossom- virágozni, (ki)virulni, serdülni
breezy - szeles, szellős, gyors
sprout - csíra, hajtás
to sprout- kihajtani, növeszteni, szaporodni
to sprout wings– szárnyakat növeszteni (angyalian viselkedni)
to thaw - (el)olvadni, felengedni, megenyhülni
reborn - újjászületett

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