A boldogság világnapján mi más - mosolyra fakasztó szókincsfejlesztés, szószedettel.

SMILE - Szókincsépítés “mosolygós” szavakkal

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Mosolyra fakasztó szókincsfejlesztés, szószedettel : )

Try to fill in the gaps with the idioms.

a) crack a smile
b) grinning from ear to ear
c) smiling like a Cheshire cat
d) wipe the smile off her face
e) flash a smile (at someone)
f) laughing stock
g) no laughing matter
h) not know whether to laugh or cry
i) laugh her head off
j) He who laughs last, laughs longest.1) I just saw that new girl …....... at you. I think she finds you handsome.

2) He thinks he has won this battle, but I’ll show him! Just wait and see. …....... .
3) That comedian is the best. She will definitely …....... when she hears him tonight.
4) I know it was funny when she slipped and fell into the pool, but it would have been …........ if she had hurt herself.
5) I made a total fool of myself to make the little kid laugh, but he didn’t even …....... .
6) When they told me I would have to wait at least another hour until the doctor could see me, I did …....... .
7) I will certainly not wear that huge red hat in public. I would be the …....... of the whole neighborhood.
8) I don’t know he was so satisfied and happy about but he was …....... all day yesterday.
9) Even though he didn’t say anything I know he liked his gift because he was …....... .
10) I think it will …....... when she finds out we’re not taking her to the Bahamas with us.

Answers: 1) e, 2) j, 3) i, 4) g, 5) a, 6) h, 7) f, 8) c, 9) b, 10) d

crack a smile- mosolyra fakadni
grin from ear to ear - fülig ér a szája
smiling like a Cheshire cat - vigyorogni mint egy fakutya
wipe the smile off somebody's face - letörölni a vigyort valaki arcáról
flash a smile (at someone) – mosolyt villantani valakire
a laughing stock - közröhej tárgya
no laughing matter - nem nevetséges/vicces
not know whether to laugh or cry - nem tudja, hogy sírjon vagy nevessen (kínjában)
laugh one's head off - szétröhögni magát (az agyát)
He who laughs last, laughs longest.- Az nevet, aki utoljára nevet.

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