FARMING - vocbaulary and reading test

FARMING - vocbaulary and reading test

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A 2013. 02. 18-21. közötti hírlevelekből tanultakat tudod ezzel a teszttel ellenőrizni. 


1. Decide if the statements are TRUE or FALSE.

1) There were more kinds of farms in the 20th century than there are today.  
2) It is a great advantage if you already have fruit trees on the farm you buy  because they don’t need much care after they are planted.                               
3) Being a farmer today involves more work than just taking care of the land and livestock.
4) More and more young people study agriculture at universities or colleges and settle down in the countryside.
5) One of the national symbols of Hungary is the Mangalitza.                    

2. Choose the right answer.

1) Local national parks are important because
a) the Hungarian livestock is kept there to breed in a natural environment.
b) they play an important role in the survival of some breeds of domestic animals.
c) there they preserve the genes of important domestic animals.

2) A farmer’s job is
a) easier today than it was in the past thanks to the advanced technology.
b) complicated because it involves more than just plowing and sowing.
c) perfect for people who would like a carefree life surrounded by animals and nature.

3) Veterinarians are
a) are only called in if it is absolutely necessary.
b) a daily part of life on a big farm.
c) needed to give vaccines to the animals.

4) In the early 20th century
a) farmers raised all kinds of crops and animals.
b) women did the same kind of farm work as men.
c) there were fewer kinds of livestock.

5) If you want to become a farmer today
a) you must have a degree in some field of agriculture.
b) you should know much more than farming.
c) you have to have some veterinary skills.

3. Fill in the gap using some of the following words (you will not need to use all the words). 

a) diverse, b) supervise, c) originates, d) distinctive, e) beneficial, f) sufficient, g) ensures, h) fortunate, i) treat, j) move off

1) I felt very .......... because I not only passed the exam but also got the highest mark.
2) I don’t know why you .......... your parents like that. I am sure they don’t deserve it.
3) There was such a .......... range of products I really had a hard time choosing what I wanted.
4) I think it’s .......... to spend some time alone abroad learning languages.
5) He always .......... that I have everything I need.

I/ 1) T,  2) F , 3) T, 4) F, 5) F
II/ 1) b, 2) b, 3) a, 4) a, 5) b
III/1) h, 2) i, 3) a, 4) e, 5) g





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