Gyermeknap-Gyerekszáj – szókincs, videó, hallás utáni szövegértés

Gyermeknap alkalmából egy videós feladattal készültünk nektek. Gyermekek tesznek fel Tom Hanks-nek kérdéseket és nincs mese vagy mellébeszélés, válaszolnia kell.

Children Day is a fun day with a serious message. International Children’s Day offers us an opportunity to promote and celebrate children’s rights that will build a better world for Children. United Nations (UN) provides a particular theme every year for World Children Day to promote awareness among children, togetherness and improving children’s welfare.

The theme of International children day in 2021 is:

” Investing in our future means investing in our children”

History of World Children’s Day

In 1857, Dr. Charles Leonard started this day by naming it Rose Day in the United Kingdom.

In 1920, the Republic of Turkey officially acknowledged Children’s Day as a national holiday.

United Nations established Children Day in 1954.

Each country has established a date of their own choice for children’s day. Hungary chose the last Sunday of May as the day to celebrate children’s day.

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A videó megnézése után próbálj válaszolni a következő kérdésekre az elhangzottak alapján.

  1. What songs does Tom sing in the shower?
  2. Why was Tom called as a Hobart Ranger?
  3. What is the naughtiest thing Tom has ever done at work?
  4. How much money has Tom got in his pocket right now?
  5. Why doesn’t he wear a wallet?
  6. Why did Tom start to root for Aston Villa?
  7. Where does Tom park his yacht?

1. Dean Martin’s Everybody loves somebody and the Canadian national anthem;
2. Because he worked as a dishwasher boy and the name of the dishwasher was Hobart
3. He drank tiny cartons of chocolate drink probably in his own weight, he could have been fired for doing it.
4. a single 20-pound note
5. Partly it makes his bum look bumpy and he has a wallet handler (he has some experts who deal with his money issues)
6. Because for him the team’s name sounded like a name of a holiday spot/destination/a resort/vacation destination
7. He doesn’t have a yacht but he has friends who have yachts.


opportunity lehetőség
to provide adni
awareness tudatosság
to acknowledge elismerni
the naughtiest legcsintalanabb
inquisitive kíváncsi/
precocious koravén
crack legjobb
bum fenék
bumpy púpos/
to root for drukkolni vkinek/
dinghy gumicsónak
paddleboard álló eveződeszka
(Stand Up Paddleboard)
probing questions becsapós kérdések

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