How about some slang? Fun vocabulary building.

Egy rövid szlenges feladat. Nézzük, mennyire vagy jártas a laza beszédben:)

Try to guess which (slang) word or expression fits into the sentence to mean the word(s) in brackets. 

1) I didn’t believe a word he said. His story was so (suspicious).
2) They visited us just a (two weeks) ago.
3) Have you seen the (custom made) dog house his puppy has?
4) He was trying to (flirt with) that girl all night, but she left with another guy.   
5) I heard Alice’s (party) ended with the police knocking on her door.
6) His friend was so (drunk) that we had to take him home before the party started.
7) My flat was in a (very bad shape) after my nephews came to spend the day.
8) All of the guys had a huge hangover because they had been at a (bachelor party).   
9) I know it’s early but I’m so tired that I’m (going to bed) right now.
10) He was totally (devastated) when he heard his favorite team had lost.

a) chat up
b) gutted
c) plastered
d) fortnight
e) dodgy
f) stag night
g) do
h) shambles
i) off to Bedfordshire
j) bespoke

Answers:  1) e, 2) d, 3) j, 4) a, 5) g, 6) c, 7) h, 8) f, 9) i, 10) b


to believe– (el)hinni
suspicious– gyanús
custom made – személyre/méretre szabott
to flirt – flörtölni, udvarolni
drunk– részeg
in bad shape – rossz állapotban
nephew – unokaöccs
hangover – másnaposság
bachelor party – legénybúcsú
to be tired – fáradtnak lenni
devastated – letört, feldúlt
to lose – (el)veszíteni

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