How brainy are you? – Szókincsfejlesztés “eszes” idiómákkal


Na ezen lehet eszelni! Szókincsfejlesztés, de csak ésszel:) 

1st step: Try to fill in the gaps with the idioms.

a) all brawn but no brain
b) beat my brains out
c) pick his brain
d) scatterbrained
e) rack your brains
f) bird-brain
g) brainbox
h) brainstorm
i) an idle brain is the devil’s workshop
j) get my brain in gear

A: I know Mr. Hyun is the 1) ………. in the office but don’t 2) ………. all the time. Think for yourself.
B: I know, I really have to 3) ………. if I want to keep up with him.

A: Oh, I’m so 4) ………. . I never know where I put my things. I can’t find my wallet now.
B: Oh, come on. Think! You had all your money in it. 5) ………. a little bit.

A: I 6) ………. all day to think of a solution to our problem but I haven’t had any good ideas.
B: Well, let’s 7) ………. together. Maybe we can come up with something together.

A: You really were a 8) ………. to think your relationship with a football star would work.
B: Well, he seemed different. I didn’t want to believe he was 9) ………. like the rest of his team.

A: That boy is worrying me. He just sits around all day doing anything. 10) ………., I tell you.

Answers: 1) g, 2) c, 3) j, 4) d, 5) e, 6) b, 7) h, 8) f, 9) a, 10) i

2nd step: Now match the definitons and the idioms.

1) A very intelligent, clever person
2) If you have nothing to do, you’ll think of something bad to do sooner or later
3) To start thinking more effectively and clearly
4) To think of solutions together and share ideas
5) To ask for information or advice from someone who knows more
6) Physically strong but not very intelligent
7) To think very hard or do very much about something
8) To think very hard to remember or understand something
9) A disorganized, forgetful person.
10) A stupid person

a) all brawn but no brain
b) beat one’s brains out
c) pick someone’s brain
d) scatterbrain(ed)
e) rack one’s brains
f) bird-brain
g) brainbox
h) brainstorm
i) an idle brain is the devil’s workshop
j) get one’s brain in gear

Answers: 1) g, 2) i, 3) j, 4) h, 5) c, 6) a, 7) b, 8) e, 9) d,  10) f

all brawn but no brain – az agya helyén is izom van, a bicepszében hordja az agyát
to beat one’s brain out – keményen agyalni vagy dolgozni valamin 
to pick somene’s brain – kikérni egy valamiben jártasabb ember tanácsát vagy véleményét 
scatterbrained – szétszórt
to rack one’s brains – törni az agyadat
bird-brain – az akinek annyi esze sincs mint egy csirkének
brainbox – nagyon okos, eszes ember
to brainstorm – ötletelni
an idle brain is the devil’s workshop – a semmittevés rosszra tanít
to get one’s brains in gear – felturbózni az agyadat


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