Knowing your verbs – ABC series


Mennyire ismered az igéket? Szókincsfejlesztő feladatsorozat egy kis szószedettel.

1st step: Use the listed verbs in the sentences to fill in the gaps. (You can use the verbs only once.)

a) advise
b) answer
c) allow
d) attack
e) attend
f) act
g) add
h) admit
i) arrive
j) arrest

1) The police want to ………. him for robbing two banks.
2) I’m sorry we couldn’t ………. in time for your show.
3) You always ………. as if you didn’t care about anything.
4) Can you ………. me on what to wear for that formal dinner tonight?
5) I don’t think we should ………. any more sugar into this dessert.
6) Why didn’t you ………. my question?
7) How many people can ………. tonight’s concert?
8) Do you ………. that it was you who broke my favourite vase?
9) I don’t understand why her parents never ………. her to go anywhere.
10) Both of his dogs are very dangerous and they ………. everybody.

Answers: 1) j, 2) i, 3) f, 4) a, 5) g, 6) b, 7) e, 8) h, 9) c, 10) d

2nd step: Now, match the verbs with their synonyms!

1) advise
2) answer
3) allow
4) attack
5) attend
6) act
7) add
8) admit
9) arrive
10) arrest

a) capture
b) recommend
c) let
d) behave
e) reply
f) take part
g) assault
h) supply more
i) confess
j) get somewhere

Answers: 1) b, 2) e, 3) c, 4) g, 5) f, 6) d, 7) h, 8) i, 9) j, 10) a

3rd step: … and finally, now match the verbs with the appropriate object!
For example: watch –  a movie

1) advise                                                      
2) answer
3) allow
4) attack
5) attend
6) act
7) add
8) admit
9) arrive
10) arrest

a) to a crime
b) a wedding ceremony
c) the door
d) the enemy
e) a thief
f) in a play
g) numbers
h) clients
i) to drink alcohol
j) in a city

Answers: 1) h, 2) c, 3) i, 4) d, 5) b, 6) f, 7) g, 8) a, 9) j, 10) e

to advise, to recommend – tanácsolni, javasolni
to answer, to reply – felelni, válaszolni
to allow, to let – engedni, engedélyezni
to attack, to assault – támadni, bántalmazni
to attend, to take part – részt venni, jelen lenni
to act, to behave – szerepelni, viselkedni
to add, to supply more – (hozzá)adni/tenni
to admit, to confess – bevallani, beismerni
to arrive, to get somewhere – megérkezni, eljutni valahova
to arrest, to capture – letartóztatni, elfogni

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