Love makes the world go round – vocabulary building exercise


Szókincsépítő feladat a 'love' szókapcsolataival, szószedettel.

Fill in the gaps. You will not have to use all the options.

Oh, look at those two 1) ……….. . They have 2) ……….. since their childhood. They met at school and they 3) ………. as soon as they saw each other. It was 4) ………. . Everybody thought it was 5) ………. and that it wouldn’t last but they got married and spent their whole life together. They are very old now but they still look at each other with warmth and passion. I think theirs is an 6) ………. .

a) love at first sight
b) unconditional love
c) been in love
d) lovebirds
e) fell in love
f) puppy love
g) love-hate relationship

Answers: 1) d, 2) c, 3) e, 4) a, 5) f, 6) b

I feel so sorry for Joe. He always gets into a 1) ………. and he’s usually the second lover. But he’s the greatest romantic I know. He even wrote me a 2) ………. once. He also bought a 3) ………. for his last girlfriend and that’s where they met in secret because she was still married. They even had a 4) ………. together. The baby is almost 2 years old now but they’re not together anymore. It was an 5) ………. as it turned out and she didn’t love him back that much. They broke up after he caught her 6) ……….. with his colleague.

a) unrequited love
b) love letter
c) love nest
d) making love
e) love triangle
f) love child
g) sending her love

Answers: 1) e, 2) b, 3) c, 4) f, 5) a,  6) d

love at first sight – szerelem első pillantásra
unconditional love – feltétel nélküli szerelem
to be in love – szerelmes lenni
lovebirds – szerelmespár
to fall in love – beleszeretni valakibe
puppy love – gyerekszerelem
love-hate relationship – se veled se nélküled kapcsolat
unrequited love – viszonzatlan szerelem
love letter – szerelmes levél
love nest – szerelmi fészek
to make love -szerelmeskedni
love triangle – szerelmi háromszög
love child – szerelemgyerek
to send one’s love to someone – szeretetteljes üdvözletét küldeni valakinek


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