Time for ‘time’


Szókincsépítés a 'time' szókapcsolataival, szószedettel.


a) on time
b) just in time
c) have a hard/rough time
d) it’s about time
e) pressed for time
f) run out of time
g) take time off
h) stall for time

Complete the sentences.

1) I’m sorry. I won’t be able to arrive ………. tonight.
2) I hope you don’t ………. at your new workplace. I heard the boss was a terrible bully.
3) I have to ……….. from work because I haven’t had a holiday for years.
4) The deadline is tomorrow and we will ………. if we don’t hurry up with the project.
5) ………. you showed up! I was worried sick something had happened to you.
6) Look, it doesn’t help if you ………. . Just make a choice and be done with it.
7) Can I call you back later? I have loads of work and I am really ………. .
8) She arrived ………. to see the end of the race.

Answers: 1) a, 2) c, 3) g, 4) f, 5) d, 6) h, 7) e, 8) b

on time – időben, megadott időre/időpontban
just in time – pont időben (valamihez)
to have a hard/rough time – nehézsége/nehéz dolga van
it’s about time – épp ideje (volt)
to be pressed for time – időzavarban van/kevés az ideje
to run out of time – kifutni az időből
to take time off – szabadságot kivenni
to stall for time – húzni az időt

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