Nyelvtan TESZT – Igeidők

Mely igeidő illik a mondatba? Találd meg! A végén megoldókulccsal ellenőrizheted a tudásodat.

1. She caught them while they ….
A: was talked
B: were talking
C: did talked
D: is talking
E: talked

2. I … my grandmother next week.
A: visit
B: will visit
C: would visit
D: should be visit
E: visiting

3. You should always … healthy food.
A: shall eat
B: eaten
C: eating
D: was eating
E: eat

4. The bus … before I reached the bus-stop.
A: arrive
B: arrived
C: had arrived
D: will arrive
E: have arrive

5. Look! The boy … the hill.
A: climbs
B: is climbing
C: was climbing
D: were climbed
E: climbing

6. I … the pen before she did.
A: take
B: taken
C: had taken
D: took
E: is taking

7. I … in this school for ten years.
A: have been studying
B: has been studying
C: studying
D: were studying
E: studied

8. I … a letter tomorrow.
A: write
B: will write
C: have written
D: has written
E: write

9. She … cooking food daily.
A: like
B: likes
C: liking
D: is liking
E: has liked

10. I … my work now. Do not disturb me.
A: am doing
B: was doing
C: were doing
D: do
E: done

11. The baby … usually well behaved.
A: is
B: were
C: has
D: shall
E: are

12. Scientists … a new planet.
A: had just discover
B: will just discovered
C: have just discover
D: has just discover
E: have just discovered

13. She … to London yesterday.
A: gone
B: go
C: went
D: will go
E: had went

14. If I … the address, I would have gone there.
A: know
B: known
C: had known
D: have known
E: knew

15. I met Jane while I … on the beach.
A: walking
B: walked
C: was walking
D: were walking
E: walk

16. She never … late to school.
A: come
B: comes
C: coming
D: came
E: is coming

17. The manager … soon.
A: arrives
B: will arrive
C: is arriving
D: has arrive
E: arrived

18. If she asks for money, I … her.
A: gave
B: give
C: will give
D: given
E: gives

19. I did my homework when I … television.
A: was watch
B: watched
C: was watching
D: watching
E: had watched

20. London … a lot since 1975.
A: change
B: changed
C: will change
D: has changed
E: have changed

1.B 2.B 3.E 4.BC 5.B
6.CD 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.A
11.A 12.E 13.C 14.C 15.C
16.B 17.C 18.BC 19.E 20.D

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