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Colorful language to brighten your day - Színes feladat, színes kifejezések

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"Színes" feladatsor, csak hogy ne legyen egyhangú a nap:) 

What is the color of:

1) trees and grass
2) the sea and the sky
3) a king’s crown and wedding rings
4) blood and strawberries
5) fresh snow and cotton
6) Dracula's cape and bats
7) a purple flower and amethyst
8) elephants and mice
9) piglets and Barbie's favourite color
10) the sun and lemons 

a) red
b) golden
c) green
d) violet
e) grey
f) pink
g) black
h) blue
i) yellow
j) white

Answers: 1) c, 2) h, 3) b, 4) a, 5) j, 6) g, 7) d, 8) e, 9) f, 10) i

Now try to fill in the gaps by using the listed colors above:

1) I know she will be ………. with envy when she see my brand-new millionaire husband.
2) Maybe it is because of the rain but I feel so ………. and hopeless today.
3) He wants me to be his partner. This is a …....... opportunity I simply cannot leave out.
4) Don’t deny anything Mr. Brute. We caught you …....... – handed.
5) I didn’t want my parents to get angry so I told them a ……….  lie about where I had spent the night.
6) Suddenly I feel very dizzy and I think I’m going to …....... out.
7) Well, that girl is definitely not a shrinking …....... . She flirted with at least 10 men tonight.
8) I have no idea how that program works. It’s a bit of a …....... area for me.
9) My daughter was tickled …....... when she got a puppy for her birthday.
10) He will never admit you are right in front of the boss. He’s too …....... bellied for that.

Answers: 1) c, 2) h, 3) b, 4) a, 5) j, 6) g, 7) d, 8) e, 9) f, 10) i


 Match the idioms to their definitions: 


1) green with envy
2) tickled pink
3) shrinking violet
4) golden opportunity
5) black out
6) blue
7) catch somebody red-handed
8) tell a white lie
9) grey area
10) yellow-bellied

a) To really want something that is not yours
b) To faint or lose your consciousness
c) Sad, depressed
d) To capture somebody in the act of doing something bad or criminal
e) A shy and timid person
f) Something that is unknown or not clear
g) Cowardly
h) Very happy and delighted
i) The chance of a lifetime.
j) Saying something that is untrue to avoid trouble or causing pain.

Answers:  1) a, 2) h, 3) e, 4) i, 5) b, 6) c, 7) d, 8) j, 9) f, 10) g

to be green with envy - 'sárga' az írígységtől
tickled pink - nagyon boldog, elégedett
(not a) shrinking violet - nem egy szende szűz
golden opportunity - kitűnő/kihagyhatatlan alkalom
to black out - elájulni
(to feel) blue - bús, szomorú
to catch somebody red-handed - tetten érni, rajtakapni valakit
to tell a white lie - füllenteni, ártatlan hazugságot mondani
grey area - ismeretlen, ködös (terület)
yellow-bellied - gyáva


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