Szókincs TESZT – A női nem (female form)


A következő feladatban szigorúan a kifejezések női formáját keressétek az 5 lehetőség közül! 

1. the object of worship
A: goddess
B: goddness
C: godie
D: gott
E: good

2. a theatrical or film performer
A: actor
B: actress
C: actres
D: actness
E: astress

3. a person distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility and strength
A: hero
B: heroin
C: heroness
D: heroine
E: heress

4. a member of a royal family other than the sovereign
A: prince
B: princiss
C: princeness
D: price
E: princess

5. the main female participant in her own marriage ceremony
A: bribe
B: wife
C: bride
D: bridegroom
E: woman

6. a woman who has never been married
A: batcheroress
B: spinster
C: bachelor
D: sprinter
E: groom

7. a member of the police force
A: policewoman
B: policeman
C: policiss
D: policis
E: shepolice

8. a person who invites guests to a social event or a party in her own home
A: host
B: landlady
C: landwoman
D: hostiness
E: hostess

9. the sister of your father or mother
A: ankle
B: uncleness
C: ant
D: aunt
E: uncle

10. the ruler of an empire
A: emperor
B: emperess
C: empress
D: esperes
E: empiress

11. a woman whose husband is dead
A: widower
B: widow
C: window
D: widowness
E: wise

12. a person whose occupation is to serve at a table in a restaurant
A: waitress
B: waiter
C: waiteress
D: wassess
E: waitness

13. the officer who presides at the meetings of an organization
A: seatleress
B: chairwoman
C: chairlady
D: chairman
E: chairgirl

14. a female religious person living in a cloister and devoting herself to prayer and work
A: nun
B: monk
C: noon
D: non
E: nanny

15. one who practices magic or sorcery
A: wizard
B: witch
C: wizardess
D: which
E: wise

16. a daughter of your brother or sister
A: nephew
B: nice
C: niece
D: ness
E: nessie

17. an official doorkeeper as in a courtroom or cinema
A: ulcer
B: usherete
C: ush
D: usherette
E: usher

18. a female sovereign, ruler of a kingdom
A: princess
B: mylady
C: landlady
D: queen
E: king

19. an attendant on an airplane
A: hotess
B: stewardness
C: stawardess
D: steward
E: stewardess

20. a noblewoman of high rank
A: duchess
B: duke
C: dukeness
D: dook
E: dyke

1.A 2.B 3.D 4.E 5.C 6.B 7.A 8.E 9.D 10.C 11.B 12.A 13.B 14.A 15.B 16.C 17.D 18.D 19.E 20.A

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