Time for ‘time’


Szókincsépítés a 'time' szókapcsolataival, szószedettel.

Match the two parts of a dilaogue.

1) A: Is it OK if I arrive a little later?
2) A: I don’t have time for anything except my work.
3) A: If we call a taxi we can get there much faster.
4) A: I heard you had to wait ten hours for your flight. How did you pass the time?
5) A: Will you have any free time this weekend to meet with us?
6) A: Maybe she will come if I ask her again.

a) B: Don’t waste your time. She never goes anywhere.
b) B: Yes, but I want to spend some time at home with my family.
c) B: Just take your time. Everybody will be late anyway.
d) B: I made friends with another guy and we killed time together.
e) B: That would be a great way to save some time.
f) B: Well, you have to make some time for your family too.

Answers: 1) c, 2) f, 3) e, 4) d, 5) b, 6) a

to have time – van időd
to pass the time/ kill time – eltölteni/elütni az időt
free/spare time – szabad idő, szabadidő
to waste time – pazarolni az időt
to spend time – időt tölteni
to take time – nem kapkodni, időt fordítani valamire
Take your time. – Ráérsz.
to save time – időt nyerni
to make time for – időt szakítani valamire/valakire

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